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Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) Shows Appreciation to Shift Employees with Singgah Sahur

KLIA, 23 May 2019: In the spirit of Ramadhan, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) distributed packed meals through its ‘Singgah Sahur’ programme to strengthen the bond and camaraderie with employees and vendors working on shifts at critical operational areas. Over 1000 packed meals were distributed by the MAG management team during the two ‘Singgah Sahur’ sessions held on 20 and 22 May between 12 midnight to 3am.

Singgah Sahur is MAG’s annual Ramadhan get-together to show appreciation to its employees who are unable to sahur with their families due to the nature of their work.

Led by Malaysia Aviation Group Chief Executive Officer Captain Izham Ismail, this activity covered the airline’s key operational areas at the Flight Management Building, Main Terminal Building, Engineering Complex and MABkargo in KLIA. Captain Izham took this opportunity to inspect the working conditions at these areas especially below the airport and to listen to staff concerns besides updating them of the company’s progress.

The programme also saw Malaysia Airlines, AeroDarat Services, MAB Academy and MABkargo’s senior management team having sahur together with the staff at the end of the meal distribution.



Day 1



Day 2






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