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Malaysia Airlines Launches New Commercial Highlighting Raya Celebration Around The World


KLIA, 21 June 2017: Malaysia Airlines today released its latest Raya festive campaign produced in conjunction with the upcoming Raya celebrations.  

Entitled “Raya Around the World”, the campaign is the first-ever commercial that takes an in-depth look into how different cultures celebrate Raya around the world. 

It features a poignant message of how travel and discovery can enrich one’s life by opening up to new perspectives. The commercial also evokes a warm sense of camaraderie and acceptance as the faith is commonly shared across the world. 

Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bellew said, “Malaysians have been looking forward to Malaysia Airlines festive communications after last year’s commercial hit "Boleh Adik Ikut?" and this year’s Chinese New Year’s “Truly Malaysian Greeting”. This year’s 3-minute video aims to inspire viewers to travel and explore the world by showing them the beauty of other cultures and countries around the world and how they celebrate Eid.” 

“We truly believe that this commercial can uplift the brand and also promote the destinations on the Malaysia Airlines’ network. All talents in the video, led by our very own pilot, Captain Zakir Ibrahim and wife, are real families who have never done a commercial before. We chose these talents to maintain the authenticity and the essence of the commercial,” Bellew added. 

Apart from Malaysia, the video takes viewers to India, China and Japan, all of which are Malaysia Airlines’ key destinations, giving viewers a very different experience and perspective of Hari Raya or globally known as Eid.   

With the launch of the commercial, Malaysia Airlines also introduces an interactive microsite,, that extends the campaign by showcasing the different countries that users can learn more about such as the different festive cuisines, fashion and traditions practiced by Muslims around the world during Eid. The microsite will also feature other exclusive content such as e-greetings, behind-the-scene footages and other related videos. 

Viewers can log on to Malaysia Airlines’ official website at and other Malaysia Airlines’ official social media accounts to view the commercial from 21 June 2017. 

Click here to view the ad.


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