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Malaysia Airlines unveils new flight booking chatbot in partnership with Amadeus

Malaysia Airlines launches a new flight booking solution for customers to process flights and make payments through Facebook Messenger


KLIA, 24 September 2018: Malaysia Airlines, together with Amadeus, has launched MHchat, a new feature which helps travelers book flights and pay through the popular social media app, Facebook Messenger.

Jointly developed with Malaysia Airlines as its pilot customer, the Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines is a new solution designed to make it easier for travelers to book flights, retrieve bookings, and ask questions through a social media messaging platform customers are already familiar with.

On Facebook Messenger, Malaysia Airlines’ customers can use MHchat if they want to look up flights, or ask a question related to a booking, and it will search, locate and push offers or information using artificial intelligence (AI). Travelers can even complete a transaction, make a secure payment and receive the travel itinerary all within the same app.

Designed to mimic human conversation, MHchat acts like a true “travel buddy” that understands what the traveler needs. The result is a convenient, smart solution that is available 24/7, facilitating smoother transactions, immediate responses, and allowing conversations to take place when it suits the customer.

Izham Ismail, Group Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Airlines said, “Customer experience is a key priority for Malaysia Airlines and we are deeply committed to constantly improving it. Our digital transformation strategy lies at the heart of this, as we continuously harness new and innovative technologies to enhance all touchpoints for our guests. We are pleased to partner with Amadeus on the launch of MHchat, and we are excited to be the first in Malaysia to bring this to travelers. We were very pleased with Amadeus’ ability to deliver this innovative solution within the short timeframe of a few months. We look forward to further exploring how we can deliver more personalized and integrated services for our customers.”

Cyril Tetaz, Executive Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus said, “We are very delighted to work with Malaysia Airlines on its digital transformation; MHchat is a testimony to the airline’s commitment to evolve its digital channels.

“Agility is crucial when working on innovative digital solutions, and working together with Malaysian Airlines, we have delivered this innovative platform in three months. Many airlines are embarking on turnaround transformation initiatives, driven by a real will to address competition but above all to improve the customer experience.”

The Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines can be customized for any airline, delivering higher customer satisfaction, and more revenue opportunities as well as cost-savings around customer care.

While Malaysia Airlines pilots MHchat, Amadeus will continue to drive technology improvements and bolster the chatbot with new features including multi-language support, adding ancillary services to an existing booking, and even integration with Amazon’s Alexa for voice capabilities.

The Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines solution is integral to Amadeus’ overall goal to shape the future of travel, by developing technology that has a positive impact on communities worldwide.

To explore MHchat, please visit:





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