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China Consumer Protection

Large Area Flight Delay Plan and Customer Service Plan


A Large Area Flight Delay occurs when there are numerous arrival and departure flight delays that cause a significantly large number of passengers to be detained in an airport within a certain period of time. The airport is responsible for confirming large area flight delay according to flight volumes, airport capacities, and other factors.

当大量到港和离港航班出现延误时,会发生大面积航班延误,这将导致大量旅客在一段时间内滞 留机场。机场负责根据航班量、机场容量和其他因素确认大面积航班延误。

In the event of a Large Area Flight Delay, Our customer service plan outlines help and information for passengers in times of disruption, in accordance with the requirements of Civil Aviation Law of the People’s Republic of China. 在发生大面积航班延误时,我们依据中华人民共和国民用航空法要求制定的旅客服务计划,在旅 客出行受阻时为其提供帮助和信息。


Notifying Passengers of Flight Schedule Change


We undertake to use our best efforts to notify of changes on your flight using the contact information you have provided us in your reservation.



Delays and Cancellations / Before Day of Departure


For schedule changes or flight cancellations made before the day of departure, we strive to:


• advise the passenger or their travel agent either by email, notification to the travel agent's booking system, via text message ( SMS ) and/or phone call, using the contact details provided in the booking.

使用预定时提供的联系方式,通过电子邮件、通过向旅行社预订系统发送通知、通 过手机短信(SMS)和/或电话通话,通知旅客或其旅行社。


Delays and Cancellations /On Day of Departure


If on the day of travel we have confirmed a delay or we cancel a flight, and we are aware of the delay or cancellation, we strive to within 30 minutes of receiving the information of such delay or cancellation:


We also provide, through our gate agents and flight crews, timely updates on the status and causes of delayed, cancelled, or diverted flights.

同时,我们会通过在登机口的服务人员和机组人员及时更新航班延误、取消或改道信息和 原因。


Delay Handling Policy


When delay occurs before push back, aircraft returns to chock or air turn back and passengers are onboard, refreshment shall be served and periodic announcement shall be made. Maximum passengers can be onboard are as follows:

当飞机推出之前、使用轮档或飞机返航等乘客在飞机上的情况下发生延误时,飞机上会供 应小食并且会定期进行通告。乘客在飞机上等候的最长时间如下:

a. > Max 60 minutes for flight time until 3 hours


b. > Max 90 minutes for flight time more than 3 hours.



Contingency Plan to Mitigate Passenger Inconveniences Due To Flight Disruptions (Flight Delays and Cancellations)

降低因航班中断(航班延误和取消)给乘客带来不便的紧急 计划

To ease the inconveniences resulting from flight cancellations and misconnections, we will offer you or arrange for appropriate remedies which, depending on the circumstances may include the following:


• Re-route you to your final destination as soon as possible or at a later date that is convenient for you;


• Offer a refund of the fare for the affected segments in accordance to our terms in the General Conditions of Carriage;


• Offer free telephone calls;


• Provide appropriate refreshments, meals, and accommodations at our contracted hotel based on availabilities, if required.


Disclose travel itinerary and other policies that affect your travel


Our cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configuration and lavatory availability are available on our website and, upon request, from our telephone reservation system.

我们的网站上刊登了有关取消政策、常旅客规则、机舱座椅配置以及洗手间可用性等信息,如有 需要,这些信息也可以通过电话预订系统了解。


Accommodating Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs


Accommodating the special needs of passengers with disabilities is our top priority. If you are a passenger with a disability and you require any special assistance, you should inform us at the time of booking of your special needs.

我们会优先帮助有特殊需求的残疾旅客。如果您是一位有残疾并且需要特殊帮助的旅客, 请您在预定时告知我们您的特殊需求。

We will carry you where arrangements have been made to provide for your special needs. If you do not inform us at the time of booking of your special needs, we will nevertheless use reasonable efforts to accommodate your special needs.

我们将在旅途中为满足您的特殊需求进行相应的安排。若您未能在预定时告知我们您的特 殊需求,我们仍会尽力满足您的特殊需求。


Tarmac Delay Response Plan


Malaysia Airlines will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than three hours before allowing passengers to deplane unless: either the pilotin-command determines the aircraft cannot leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers due to safety-related or security-related reasons; or air traffic control advises the pilot-in-command that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point in order to deplane passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.

当飞机在停机坪上停留将超过三小时,马来西亚航空公司会允许乘客下飞机。除非 是由于航空安全、安全保卫规定的原因,机长确定飞机不能离开其在停机坪上的位 置以供乘客下飞机,或者空中交通管制部门告知机长返回登机口或者另外一个登机 地点供乘客下飞机会极大地影响机场的正常运转。

Malaysia Airlines has a comprehensive contingency plan to respond to any irregularities. We always keep in close coordination with local airport authorities, government authorities as well as our code-sharing partners. We ensure that adequate resources are available, and designate an in-charge person to handle all arrangements, as well as to communicate with our Flight Operations Division and our flight crew.

马来西亚航空公司制定了一个综合性的应急计划以应对任何突发情况。我们一直积 极与当地机场管理局、政府机构以及我们的航班共享合作伙伴协调配合。我们保证 有充足的资源,并指定一个负责人专门负责所有的安排,以及与我们的航班运营部 门和机组人员沟通。

When a flight delay is attributable to lengthy tarmac delay, passengers will be offered snack/food, water and lavatory services no later than two hours following gate departure or flight touchdown unless the pilot-in-command determines that safety or security reasons prevent such service. We will also provide medical assistance to passengers if urgent medical attention is needed. Aircraft lavatories will be ready for services. Special assistance will also be available for our passengers with disabilities.

当航班延误是由于长时间停机坪延误导致,我们会在飞机离开登机口或者着陆的两 小时以内向乘客提供点心/食物、饮用水和如厕服务,除非机长确认出于航空安全、 安全保卫规定角度考虑不宜提供这些服务。我们也会向需要紧急医疗救助的乘客提 供医疗援助。机上盥洗室将正常使用。我们也会向残障乘客提供专门的协助服务。

Announcements will be made to the passengers every 30 minutes on-board aircraft during a tarmac delay. The announcements will begin no more than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time and will include information about the opportunity to deplane, if it exists, as well as the reason(s) for the delay and catering services time. 当出现停机坪延误,我们每 30 分钟会向机上乘客公告一次。公告会在计划起飞时 间过后的 30 分钟内进行首次播报,并会同时告知乘客有下飞机的机会(如果有), 延误的原因以及供应餐食的时间。

Passenger will be advised that they have the opportunity to deplane from an aircraft that is at the gate or another disembarkation area with the door open if the opportunity to deplane actually exists to deplane safely without disrupting airport operations. Once the flight is ready to depart again, and a passenger who has deplaned cannot return to board on time, we have the right to depart the flight without those passengers. 当飞机舱门打开且位于登机口或者登机区域,如果存在不影响机场正常运转的乘客 可以安全下飞机的机会,我们会告知乘客该等机会。在飞机再次准备好起飞,而已 下飞机的乘客不能准时登机的情况下,我们有权不搭载这些乘客起飞。



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