Managing your Enrich account

Enrich in oneworld

It’s an exciting new world and you may want to learn more about the benefits and privileges you will enjoy with the oneworld® alliance. Here are some top questions:

About oneworld alliance

  1. What is oneworld?
    • oneworld is one of the world’s three largest global airline alliances. In fact, it is the world’s leading airline alliance for nine years running (2003 – 2011) in the World Travel Awards.
    • The oneworld alliance currently consists of 14 member airlines and 30 affiliates.
    • It offers more than 10,000 daily departures to almost 900 destinations across 150 countries as well as access to some 550 airport lounges.

oneworld member airlines


The latest members elect of the oneworld alliance are SriLankan Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Benefits and privileges

  1. What benefits will I receive now that Malaysia Airlines is a member of the oneworld alliance?
    • The oneworld alliance enables Malaysia Airlines to offer customers more services and value than any single airline can provide on its own. As an Enrich member, many of your exclusive benefits and preferential treatment can be enjoyed across all 14 airlines within this alliance:
      • Over 900 destinations across 150 countries
      • Frequent flyer miles across 14 airlines, 30 affiliates
      • Some 550 airport lounges worldwide
  1. What benefits will I receive as an Enrich member?
    • As an Enrich member, you can now:
      • Earn and redeem Enrich Miles whenever you fly with oneworld member airlines
      • Earn Elite Miles on all oneworld flights for your tier status qualification
      • Redeem multi-carrier flights via oneworld member airlines
    • Those who are already Enrich Platinum, Gold and Silver members will automatically enjoy oneworld Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby status respectively. To help ensure our Enrich members receive the benefits that they are entitled to, our Enrich membership cards will carry the appropriate oneworld tier status:

oneworld tier status and its benefits and privileges

  1. How can I join oneworld?
    • There is no standalone oneworld frequent flyer programme or a “oneworld card”.
    • However, membership in any frequent flyer programme of a oneworld member airline will entitle you to your frequent flyer programme tier benefits across all oneworld airline networks.
    • If you are not part of the Enrich frequent flyer programme, you can sign up as a new member at Membership is free and you will be instantly rewarded with 1,000 Enrich Miles when you sign up online.
  1. I am an Enrich Platinum/Gold/Silver member. Do I have to do anything to enjoy oneworld benefits?
    • No, those who are already Enrich Platinum, Gold or Silver members will automatically enjoy oneworld Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby status respectively and be entitled to oneworld privileges.
  1. I am an Enrich Blue member. Do I receive oneworld privileges?
    • Enrich Blue members are not entitled to the oneworld top tier privileges.
    • As an Enrich Blue member, you can earn Enrich Miles and Elite Miles when you fly on Malaysia Airlines as well as on any oneworld member airline. Your Enrich Miles can be used to redeem flights on Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines. Elite Miles can be used to qualify or maintain Enrich Elite tier status.

Frequent Flyer Miles

  1. If I am an Enrich member and also a member of another oneworld frequent flyer programme, can I earn Miles on both programmes for a oneworld flight?
    • No, you can only earn Miles on ONE frequent flyer programme for a oneworld flight (you cannot do a duplicate earn on different cards that you may own).
  1. Can I combine or transfer Miles from one frequent flyer programme to another?
    • No, Miles cannot be combined or transferred between oneworld frequent flyer programmes.
  1. I purchased a flight ticket before Malaysia Airlines officially became a member of oneworld alliance on 1 February. The ticket is for a flight on/or after 1 February 2013 on Malaysia Airlines and/or a oneworld member airline. Will I be able to earn Enrich Miles for this flight?
    • Yes, you will be able to earn Enrich Miles if your flight date is on/after 1 February 2013, although the ticket was purchased before 1 February 2013.
  1. I booked/purchased my flight ticket from another oneworld member airline before 1 February 2013 and was able to enter my Enrich membership number online. My boarding pass also states my Enrich membership number. Does this mean that I am able to earn Enrich Miles?
    • Some frequent flyer programme features were launched earlier due to partner system configurations. However, actual oneworld frequent flyer programme Miles transactions and top tier recognition will only begin after 1 February 2013.

      Exception: Members of Malaysia Airlines Enrich and LAN’s LANPASS programmes will experience reciprocal frequent flyer rewards and benefits when flying on each other’s airlines from 1 April 2013.

Lounge access

  1. I am a frequent flyer programme member of another oneworld member airline and am eligible to enter the lounges of oneworld member airlines. Can I access Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge?
    • Yes you may, as long your frequent flyer programme has an agreement with Golden Lounge (as a third party lounge).

  1. I am an Enrich Platinum/Gold member holding a frequent flyer programme card that is eligible for Malaysia Airlines lounge access. Can I access the lounges of other oneworld airlines?
    • Yes, you can access other oneworld airline lounges when you travel on any oneworld flight.

  1. I am an Enrich Blue/Silver member. Can I enjoy oneworld lounge benefits?
    • No, you are encouraged to fly more on Malaysia Airlines to move up the tier status, as higher tiers will accord you with greater oneworld benefits which span across the entire oneworld alliance network.

  1. I am an Enrich Silver member and a subscriber to the Golden Lounge Privilege Programme (GLPP). Will I be able to enjoy oneworld lounge benefits?
    • No, the Golden Lounge Privilege Programme is only applicable for access to the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge.

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