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Travel with peace of mind with MHinsure




Travel Insurance

MHinsure travel protection provides cover for up to 26 benefits.




Travel Takaful

Travel Takaful, offers the same as an MHinsure Travel Insurance policy. However, this policy complies with Shariah law and offers both Muslim and non-Muslim great cover. Additional benefit caters for Islamic pilgrimage.







Still not sure?

Still can't decide which MHinsure product is for you? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, for answers to your Travel Protection Sales, Coverage, and Claims questions. For further details, read through our Policy/Certificate Wording, which provides you with an in-depth description of the -protection coverage.

For information on how to contact our sales representatives directly, please contact us.

Please read the Policy/ CertificateWording carefully for the complete details of what "We Will Pay" and what "We Will Not Pay".


Contact Details

For queries regarding your travel protection, please contact your local Cover-More office, based in your country of residence.

Sales and general enquiries can be transferred to:


1 800 88 8777 (within Malaysia)
+60 3 2263 5700 (reverse charge call from overseas)
[email protected]

800 6011 458
+603 2263 5710 (reverse charge call from overseas)
[email protected]

1800 620 119
+60 3 2263 5720 (reverse charge call from overseas)
[email protected]

(0800) 500 225 or
+60 3 2263 5730 (reverse charge call from overseas)
[email protected]

4090 1544 or
+91 22 6602 2670 (reverse charge call from overseas)
[email protected]




Please note that bassinet seats are not available in Business Suite cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"