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We take pride in flying you to your destination with our legendary Malaysian Hospitality. Our hospitality does not end once you have arrived at your destination. In fact, we believe it is not about the destination; rather, it is about the journey, and we want to make your journey a sustainable one.


We have developed a pathway towards a cleaner, sustainable and fair future that puts sustainable practices at the core of what we do. We believe the time is now for us to take action together. Here's what we are doing to ensure a Sustainable Tomorrow:

  • Minimise environmental impacts
  • Positively enhance the communities we operate in
  • Ensure safety excellence
  • Drive profitability for the benefit of our stakeholders and employees
  • Ensure compliance within the organization







Sustainability Publication



"I am pleased to share with all of you MAG’s first Sustainability Report for the years 2020 and 2021 below. This sustainability report features a detailed overview of MAG’s overall sustainability goals and prioritised matters within the key sustainability areas, including Environment, Social, Governance, and Safety.


With the completion of this report, it is my hope that it will allow MAG to evolve its sustainable growth strategy in the years to come. I also hope that this report will allow the entire MAG family to understand better on the work that has been and is being done, and how the collective actions from all will build a solid foundation for a Sustainable Tomorrow.“


Philip See

Group Chief Sustainability Officer




Sustainability Logo




MAG Sustainability logo carries four elements that guide our efforts in sustainability:  


The water droplet which represents our efforts in reducing water consumption.


The lightning bolt which represents being efficient with energy usage.


The leaf which represents being environmentally-friendly.


The human hand which represents mankind.




Five key thrusts guiding our sustainability pathway:



Good governance is important in building trust with our stakeholders and employees - together ensuring transparency, accountability and to support MAG’s purpose, and how this purpose relates to the other sustainability focus areas.

Describes MAG’s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as the code of conduct. This includes unethical or unlawful behavior, and matters related to organisational integrity, such as escalation through line management, whistleblowing mechanisms or hotlines.




Our brand and what we are known for - quality, reliability, performance, convenience, and innovation. We embed sustainable practices within our day-to-day operations that can positively contribute to the various stakeholders within our value chain, as well as the wider global communities we serve. 

Direct economic impacts are often measured as the value of transactions between our organisation and its stakeholders, while indirect economic impacts are the results – sometimes non-monetary – of the transaction.




Environmental consciousness is a key element that should be instilled in all MAG employees. We actively measure our environmental footprint in all our facilities, as well as within our supply chain, so that we can identify where our greatest environmental impacts are.

Efficient use and consumption of electricity as well as energy generated from our renewable sources.




We consistently engage and inspire our employees to be highly productive, brand ambassadors, revenue generators, and innovation drivers, in line with the MAG's core values with an emphasis on creativity and innovation.

In all the initiatives rolled out group-wide to drive operational excellence, safety continues to be the top priority. Driving safety excellence in ground operations, both airside and groundside ensuring the safety of our staff, vendors and customers.

Our company believes that aviation safety is fundamental to our operations. To further improve aviation safety and standards, we actively support and collaborate closely with the entire air transport community.​












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