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You can do more with MHassistant (formerly MHfeedback) on your mobile device to enhance your travel experience.

Track real-time flight status as well as the departure and arrival times of your Malaysia Airlines flight wherever you are in the world. With the MHassistant app, you can also share your feedback and rate our services immediately and anonymously.

Get a taste of true Malaysian Hospitality by redeeming discount vouchers and enjoy promotions from our partners, at your fingertips.

MHassistant is available for Android and iOS devices.








Who can access this application?

This app is available for all Malaysia Airlines customers.

How do I download this app?

You can install the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

When can I expect a response to my feedback?

Unfortunately, the MHassistant app only collects immediate feedback and does not have the capacity to reply to customers complaints. Customers will still need to write in to [email protected] to channel your complaint.

How do I start sending in my feedback?

  • Launch the app and click ‘no’ if there is no QR code around you.
  • Swipe the images to pick the touchpoints that is relevant to your experience.
  • Key in your flight number and rate your experience.
  • Type in your feedback and/ or snap a photo of the area you wish the airline would improve.
  • Click submit.

I cannot launch my camera to take a photo within the app. How can I fix this?

Please ensure that you have allowed the app to access your camera.

  • Android : Settings > Apps > App permission > From here, you'll get a list of all the sensors, information, and other features of your phone that apps can access. (Depending on your device, this may look different).
  • Apple : Settings > MHassistant > Allow MHassistant to access > Camera

Can I request for a refund via MHassistant?

Unfortunately, this app only collects feedback. For refunds and other complaints, please write in to [email protected]

I can’t seem to send my feedback. What do I do?

This is likely due to poor Internet connectivity. Try restarting the application.

If customers need further clarification, who should they see?

Check-in counter to refer to Duty Manager/Station Manager at the airport. Cabin crew to refer to the In-flight supervisor.


Please note that bassinet seats are not available in Business Suite cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"