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Fly to over 30 new destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Americas with the new Malaysia Airlines and Emirates partnership. This new era of enhanced travel choice and convenience will take off with flights to Barcelona, Lyon, Geneva, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Zurich, Bahrain and Dubai, with many more exciting destinations to come in the coming months.*

Besides enjoying the world-class service both airlines are renowned for, a seamless customer experience, and access to outstanding lounges across the globe, you can earn Enrich Miles when you fly on codeshare flights operated by Emirates.

Malaysia Airlines and Emirates - the best of both worlds, now connected.

*Subject to approval by the aviation regulatory bodies in respective countries.




You can book a Malaysia Airlines-Emirates codeshare flight just like any other flight. Start by selecting your preferred departure and arrival city served by the codeshare network.




During the flight selection process, codeshare flights operated by Emirates will be indicated. You can then choose your preferred flight.




At the booking summary stage, you can review details on the codeshare flight’s itinerary and price. You can then proceed to fill in the traveller details and make your payment as per usual.




You can also book your flight via our mobile site, mobile app, call centre, ticket office and travel agents.


Who takes responsibility for rebooking if there is a misconnection or cancelled flight? 

If a codeshare flight (MH4000-MH4999) is cancelled within 48 hours prior to departure, Emirates will be responsible for rebooking.

If the flight is cancelled beyond 48 hours prior to departure, Malaysia Airlines will be responsible for rebooking.


Which fares rules apply if Malaysia Airlines issues the ticket? 

Malaysia Airlines’ rules will apply. 


How do I proceed with seat selection? 

You can make a request through the travel agent or Malaysia Airlines Call Centre. 

Where do I check-in for my MH4000-MH4999 codeshare flight?

Please proceed to Row F, Emirates check-in counters.


Can I use the check-in kiosk?

Not at the moment, please proceed to Row F, Emirates check-in counters.


Can I check in using Web or Mobile?

You may check in through the Emirates web/mobile application. 


Can I check-in at KL Sentral?

Yes, you may, as Emirates has check-in facilities at KL Sentral.


What is my baggage allowance entitlement?

On MH4000-MH4999 codeshare flights, your baggage entitlement will be:

  • First Class - 50kg
  • Business Class - 40kg
  • Economy Class - 30kg

For cabin baggage entitlement:

  • First Class/Business Class – two (2) bags totaling 14 kg
  • Economy Class - single (1) bag of 7 kg

However, please ensure it is within cabin baggage size limitations.


Where do I go to pay for my excess baggage?

Please refer to Emirates’ check-in staff/representatives for guidance.


Can I order/ request for special assistance?

Please contact Emirates’ check-in staff/representatives for assistance.


How do I go about to request for special meals due to my health / religious requirements?

You can contact Emirates’ call centre at +603 6207 4999 or visit

I am on a connecting flight, will my bags be checked through?

If you are on MH4000-MH4999 codeshare flights, your bag will be checked through. However, please ensure that you request for your bags to be checked through at your initial point of origin.


What do I do if my luggage has not arrived?

Please proceed to our Mishandled Luggage Office at the arrival concourse (both arrival/ International) for KLIA or contact our Malaysia Airlines agent for our domestic station.

I am in transit, where do I go for my domestic flights?

·       Please take the aerotrain to the Main Terminal Building.

·       Upon arrival, please proceed to the escalators beside the aerotrain platform.

·       Head downstairs, pass through immigration clearance for both Malaysian & foreign passport holders.

·       If you have not yet checked in, please proceed to the Transfer Desks.

·       Do refer to latest updates on your domestic flights connections.

·       If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Malaysia Airlines’ and Emirates’ staff at the airport. 


Do I need to do my immigration clearance at KLIA?

If your onward connection is international, you will not be required to go through immigration clearance.
If your onward connection is domestic, you will go through immigration clearance.


I am in transit to another international destination (for example Phuket or Siem Reap), how do I get the latest information on the following destinations?

Please proceed to our Transfer Desks for the latest updates on your flight destination.


I am in transit, which lounge should I go to?

·       If you are at Satellite Building, please proceed to the Emirates lounge or the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge.

·       If you have an international connection at the Main Terminal building, please proceed to the Malaysia Airlines Regional Lounge.

·       If you have a domestic connection, please proceed to the Malaysia Airlines Domestic Lounge which is located at the Main Terminal Building. 


My flight is delayed, who should I contact?

You may either reach out for Malaysia Airlines’ or Emirates’ staff or the airport information counter. 


My MH4000-MH4999 codeshare flights is delayed, and I have missed my connection, who should I contact?

Please proceed to our Transfer Desks for updates on your flight/or please contact Emirates’ staff.


If my first outbound flight is from other domestic point instead of KLIA, where do I check-in?

You can check-in at any Malaysia Airlines counters.

When does the codeshare partnership of Malaysia Airlines and Emirates take effect?

The codeshare partnership will take effect from 16 February 2016.


Can I earn Enrich Miles when I travel on Malaysia Airlines codeshare flights with Emirates starting 16 February 2016?

Yes, as an Enrich member, you will earn Enrich Miles when you fly on any MH4500-MH4999 codeshare flights operated by Emirates from 16 February 2016 onwards. 


Can I redeem my Enrich Miles on Malaysia Airlines codeshare flights with Emirates?

No, currently you cannot redeem your Enrich Miles for travel on any MH4500-MH4999 codeshare flights operated by Emirates.


As a top tier member of the Enrich programme, what are the benefits and privileges I am eligible for when I fly on any MH4500-MH4999 codeshare flights operated by Emirates?

Your benefits and privileges will be as per your entitlement with the Enrich Programme.


Do I get Elite Miles for travel on any MH4500-MH4999 codeshare flights operated by Emirates from 16 February 2016?



Do I get to earn Enrich Miles if I book and ticket on Emirates flight numbers? 

No, Enrich Miles are only earned on any MH4500-MH4999 codeshare flights operated by Emirates.