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  • Number of seats: 19
  • Electrically operated seats
  • Forward facing, fully horizontal lie-flat beds
  • Seat pitch of 45-inch, maximum bed length of 80-inch
  • Seat belt maximum circumferential measurement is 61-inch. Seat belt extender is not provided in some of the aircraft
  • Individual 16-inch seat-back smart screen featuring Audio Video on Demand
  • Individual in-seat AC power with USB port
  • 100% seats with direct aisle access
  • Individual LED reading light and one-piece tray table
  • 1-2-1 seat configuration
  • 座位數:A型為42 + 226,B型為46 + 222
  • 帶四向頭枕的超薄座椅
  • 42型A / 46 B型座椅,36英寸節距
  • 226型A / 222型B座,間距30英寸
  • 獨立的10英寸座椅靠背智能屏幕,具有音頻視頻點播功能
  • 單獨的USB端口用於充電
  • 2-4-2座位配置




Please note that bassinet seats are not available in Business Suite cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"