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Malaysia Airlines Partners with ReveMAX to Redefine its Revenue Strategy



KLIA, 17 May 2021: Malaysia Airlines is pleased to announce its partnership with ReveMax, a leading provider of Digital Strategic Solutions, to implement the Airline Revenue Maximization Solution (ARMS) which will enhance and strengthen the airline’s commercial decision-making and business processes.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the platform provides predictive and prescriptive intelligence, connecting different airline departments and guiding them in making smarter strategic decisions with the aim of profitability and sustained financial good health of the organisation.


This partnership allows ReveMAX to bring its innovative ARMS Solution, a Strategic Decision Support Platform (SDSP), the first of its kind in the world to provide a complete and comprehensive picture of an airline’s revenue and cost ecosystem. The system also enables airline personnel to see a transparent, unadulterated, and 360-degree bird’s-eye view of their airline’s day-to-day health and make an immediate revenue decision based on fact-based data.


Group Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Izham Ismail said, “One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the importance of having a business that is robust and sustainable, built upon a foundation of digitalisation which has allowed the business to operate as efficiently as possible given the circumstances. Malaysia Airlines is glad to be partnering with ReveMax and to be assisted by ARMS to create agility in maximizing revenue and optimizing cost with standardisation and transparency across all related departments.


This partnership offers strong unprecedented support for our business and core beliefs, and we look forward to enhancing customer experience with personalised offerings. Together with our other in-house system integrations, we can fully automate changes to our processes and trigger executions with limited manual interventions.”


Nayeem Ekbal, Chief Executive Officer of ReveMAX said, “ReveMAX Solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a digital generation approach to advocate open and connected systems throughout the enterprise. This extends to integrations with other data sources and applications in the organization. We work with our partners to look at streamlining processes and bring in agility and transparency into the overall process of strategic decision-making and lifecycle management. We are proud to be partnering with Malaysian Airline and be part of their vision of Digital Transformation.”




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