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Special Equipment

Malaysia Airlines is pleased to accept musical instruments (both electrical and non-electrical) for carriage as checked baggage.          

  • Musical instruments must be securely packed.
  • The musical instrument and container are subject to the applicable oversized baggage charge.
  • Small musical instruments may be allowed as carry-on baggage, even if the item may not fit into the baggage-sizing unit due to its irregular shape.

While every care will be taken with your possessions, it is recommended that you purchase additional baggage insurance to cover loss or damage to these items.

All sports equipment, including golfing equipment, will be carried as part of the free checked baggage allowance, and will be subject to excess baggage charges if overweight. 

Detailed information on bringing fishing/archery/bowling/skiing equipment, golfing clubs, canoes/kayaks, bicycles, boogie boards, parachutes/hang gliders, scuba diving equipment, cricket equipment and surfboards, please refer to Carriage of Sporting Equipment.

Please note that Limited Release Baggage Tag (LRT) is required for check in of golf clubs using a hard shell golf travel container or any travel bag (e.g. soft sided bag). They will be accepted for check in only upon completion of the LRT. The LRT releases Malaysia Airlines from liabilities on baggage resulting from any pre-existing damage or damage from the normal course of handling.


Special exemptions and allowances

Exemption on golfing equipment will only be accorded to the following groups, where one free golfing equipment set is allowed per passenger:

  • Enrich Platinum and Emerald members
  • Malaysian Government travellers on Warrant Travel, (i.e. WPUA/WPM only)
  • Corporate travel

The above exemption is applicable regardless of class of travel. 


Effective 3 October 2016, Malaysia Airlines Berhad will implement a Service Charge to passengers for the carriage of firearms:

The carriage of weapons, explosives or any other high-risk items in the cabin compartment of a Malaysia Airlines’ aircraft is strictly prohibited in accordance with Regulation 130-135 of Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulations (MCAR) 2016, Part XIII-Regulations under the subject of “Carriage of munitions of war and dangerous goods” and the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP) Malaysia. Such consignments shall be secured and placed in the aircraft’s hold or other areas inaccessible to the passengers.

Passengers intending to carry Firearms along with them must declare their intention to the check-in counter staff and the service charge payment is to be made at the Ticketing counter.

Service Fee of RM200 per risk item handling (excluding GST), will be levied. The applicable 6% GST is required to be collected at payment.

This is applicable to passengers departing from an airport in Malaysia for travel to any domestic or international flight destination.

The Service Charge will not be applicable to passengers whose journey begins on another airline and have immediate onward flight connection (within 24 hours from the time of arrival at the transit airport) to a domestic/international destination on Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysian government officials travelling on official duty travel are exempted from the above Service Charge. A copy of the Passenger Itinerary Receipt (PIR) or Malaysian Government Identification Card (issued by relevant Ministry/government agencies) is required to be produced to confirm the status of their travel. As for Malaysian Member of Parliament, they may also produce their MP ID for the exemption.



1. When and how should the passenger inform Malaysia Airlines that they intend to carry firearms with them on the flight?


The passenger must notify Malaysia Airlines’ staff at the Check-in counter during check-in. Subsequently, the passenger will need to make the necessary service charge payment, and receive the MCO/EMD as a proof of payment to present to MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel.

Failing to do so, MAHB Security personnel will direct the passenger to make the service charge payment at the MAB Ticketing counter prior to their acceptance of the firearms.


2. What is the handling process?

The passenger must declare their intention to carry firearms to MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel at the security check-point and produce the receipt of payment of the service charge via MCO/EMD.

The firearm will then be surrendered to MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel, whereby the firearm shall be kept in a properly sealed bag affixed with a Lethal Weapon / Firearm tag sticker, which will be issued in triplicate.

One copy of the Lethal Weapon / Firearm Tag shall be given to the passenger.

The firearm is then brought over by the MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel from the departure terminal to the airside where it will later be handed to MAB Security officer.

The firearm is then loaded in the aircraft's Security Diplomatic Locker or Security Lockers in Service Containers, under lock and key by the MAB Security officer.

Destination/Transit stations shall be notified by telex of the impending Security Risk Items.

In Malaysia, the telex will be sent by MAB Security staff at the stations.

For overseas stations, the MAB Airport Services Station Head/MAB Liaison Officer is responsible to send the telex to the arriving destination as they are the Company Security representatives at that airport.

Security Risk items shall be offloaded from the aircraft by MAB Security officer or the MAB Security representative at overseas stations and subsequently handed to MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel (or local airport authorities, in the case for oversea stations).

MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel (or local airport authorities at oversea stations) will return the firearm to the owner/passenger at the Arrival Hall of the airport of destination. Prior verification of its owner will be made against the copy of the Lethal Weapon / Firearm Tag produced by the owner/passenger before the item is being released.


3. Where will the firearm be stored on the aircraft?

The Firearm shall be stored in the aircraft's Security Diplomatic Locker or Security Lockers in Service Containers under lock and key. The area is secured and not accessible by passengers.


4. Where do passengers claim for their firearms upon arrival at the destination?


The firearm shall be returned to the passenger at the Arrival Hall of the airport of the destination upon the owner producing a copy of the Lethal Weapon / Firearm Tag to MAHB/SATSSB Security personnel (or the local airport authorities, for oversea stations).

Release of the risk item shall be subjected to Local Customs/Police requirements and regulations. The passenger shall be reminded to check with a Malaysia Airlines representative or it’s Ground Handling Agent upon arrival at the airport arrival hall.

It is the responsibility of MAHB /SATSSB Security to ensure that the Risk Item / Firearm is returned to the passenger within fifteen (15-20 minutes) upon Actual Time of Arrival (ATA).


5. What will happen to firearms which are not collected upon arrival at the airport of destination?

All firearms not collected by passengers within 24 hours from arrival will be deposited by MAHB/SATSSB Security at the nearest police station for safekeeping. A copy of the receipt of acknowledgement from the police station shall be obtained and notified to the MAB Airport Services/Duty Manager/Station Manager and/or MAB Security Duty Officer/ Team Lead at stations. In the case for KLIA, the MAB Security Duty Executive/Senior Security Executive shall be informed

For Overseas Stations:

The MAB Airport Services Station Manager/Officer or their representative will undertake to handle the process of off-loading and returning the firearm to the respective local airport authority prior to returning the firearm to the owner at the arrival hall of the airport of destination.




1. Is there a cut-off period for acceptance of the firearm?

A cut-off period of 1 hour prior to the Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) is applied for the acceptance on Firearms. Passenger failing to adhere to the minimum period of acceptance of the firearms, MAB does not guarantee that the item will be uplifted on the same flight that they are travelling due to time limitations. The item will be carried on the next available flight.


2. How should I pack my firearms in a way that is accepted to be carried on board?

The firearms must be surrendered with the ammunition unloaded or separated from the firearm. Each passenger is only allowed to carry up to 5kg of ammunition. Such item will be carried subjected it is loaded in the Security Diplomatic Locker or Service Containers under lock and key.


3. Are passengers allowed to place firearms in their cabin baggage?


It is strictly prohibited to do so. All firearms must be surrendered to MAHB/SATSSB Security and loaded into the aircraft's Security Diplomatic Locker or Security Lockers in Service Containers, under lock and key and stored in the cargo hold.


4. Who will be responsible to handle the firearms at the transit station?

MAB Security will off-load the firearms and handover to MAHB/SATSSB Security for safekeeping.




1. What types of firearms are permitted to be carried as Risk Item on Malaysia Airlines flights?

As per Schedule B of the agreement between MAHB/SATSSB & Malaysia Airlines, below are the list of firearms which may be carried and stored in the Security Diplomatic Locker on Malaysia Airlines’ flights:

  • Revolver/Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Air-gun/Air-pistol
  • Spear-gun
  • Starting gun
  • Industrial gun
  • Sporting weapon (SPW)
  • Hand-cuff (Restraint equipment)
  • Ceremonial sword

In addition to the above, carriage of ammunition must be securely packaged in quantities not exceeding 5 kg gross weight per passenger, belonging to lawful authority.


2. How many pieces of Firearms / Ammunition are allowed, per passenger?

There is no restriction on the numbers of firearms, as long as it is permissible by the law. As for the ammunition, it is restricted to a maximum of 5kg gross per passenger, regardless of the number of firearms checked-in.


3. If more than 5kg of ammunitions is carried, will MAHB/SATSSB Security reject the request or is there any other procedures to be applied?


The maximum weight of ammunition allowed to be carried, per passenger must not exceed 5kg, per person.  MAHB/SATSSB Security are aware of this policy and will reject to handle the risk item.

4. Is the 5kg part of the 30kg?

The weight is not part of the baggage allowance accorded on the class of travel. The 5kg is specifically for ammunitions specially packed according to IATA/MAB requirement.




Bold text indicates the sectors on which the charge is applicable


Service Fee (Excludes GST)

Collect At

Collect on




Date of departure from 1st sector

  • KUL/PEN on MH (applicable)
  • PEN/KUL on MH (applicable)



  • KUL/KCH on MH (applicable)
  • KCH/SBW on MW (not applicable)




  • KUL/BKI vv on MH (applicable)
  • BKI/TWU vv on MW (not applicable)







  • KUL/LHR on MH (applicable)
  • LHR/KUL on MH (applicable)





Not applicable


  • KUL/LHR on MH (applicable)
  • LHR/KUL on MH (not applicable)


(or its equivalent in GBP)



  • LHR/KUL on MH (not applicable)
  • KUL/PEN on MH (applicable)


(or its equivalent in GBP)


  • HKG/KUL on CX (not applicable)
  • KUL/BKI on MH (not applicable)
Not applicable as journey begins on another airline and the onward flight connection is immediate.

Not applicable

Not applicable






Ammunition (including blank ammunition) for any arm as hereinafter defined, and includes grenades, bombs and other like missiles, whether capable of use with arms or not, and any ammunition containing, or designed or adapted to contain, any noxious liquid, gas or other thing.


Any lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged, or which can be adapted for the discharge of any such shot, bullet or other missile, and any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted or which can be adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing, and includes an air gun, air pistol, automatic gun, and any accessory to those weapons designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon.


* Malaysia. 1960 ‘Legal Definitions.’ Laws of Malaysia, Act 206, Arms Act 1960



For Employees, please contact:

  • Security Command & Control Centre Tel: 03-87779555/ 03 87833091
  • Aircraft Security Duty Officer- Tel: 03-87760886

For Customers or External Parties, please contact:

  • Malaysia Airlines’ Contact Centre at 1-300-88-3000 (within Malaysia) or 603-7843 3000 (outside Malaysia)
  • Malaysia Airlines Check-In or Ticketing counters