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Infants and Children

Infants and Children

Learn more about your allowances for infants and what facilities we provide to make you and your baby comfortable. For children, we have specialist meals and entertainment plus our Special Assistance Crew for unaccompanied minors

Infant and Children


Whether you’re in for a long-haul flight or just a short trip across the sky, here’s a guide on how we make travelling with your baby a comfortable and stress-free experience for the both of you.

Definition of infant

An infant or baby is a passenger who has not reached his or her second birthday. The age is taken as at the commencement of the journey. For safety reasons, air travel is not recommended for a newborn within the first eight days after birth. One adult is only allowed to carry one infant onboard.

Allowance for baby essentials

For your convenience, Malaysia Airlines allows for an additional 10 kg of purely baby essentials (including a bassinet or carrycot) over and above the free baggage allowance as allotted to an infant’s accompanying adult passenger. The combined weight of the bassinet or carrycot and baby essentials must not exceed 10 kg.

Should there be any adult items found packed together with these essentials, such items will be removed and weighted under the passenger’s free baggage allowance.

Reservations for bassinets

A number of bassinets are provided onboard, depending on the aircraft. Due to safety and storage reasons, passengers are not allowed to carry their own bassinets into the cabin. Should you need one for your infant, reservations can be made at the time of your initial ticket purchase for a bassinet provided by Malaysia Airlines.

  • This service must be requested through the Reservations/Ticket Counter/Call Centre at least 24 hours before departure. Please call 1 300 88 3000 if you are within Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 if you are overseas.
Baby prams/Strollers

Since storage space is limited in the aircraft cabin, the acceptance of baby prams/strollers as cabin items will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the storage space is taken up, these items will need to be loaded in the aircraft hold.

Infant kits and facilities

Feeding mothers are advised to carry their choice of infant formula due to the wide variety of formula available in the market and the different preferences of infants. However, a limited quantity of baby formulae, food and essentials including napkins, bottles and brushes are provided onboard to ensure your infant’s comfort throughout the journey.

Facilities for heating baby food and sterilising feeding bottles are also available on certain flights.

Infant incubators

Subject to special conditions, incubators as provided by hospitals for babies with heart or respiratory problems are permitted on certain Malaysia Airlines flights. Should you have any queries, please contact us for further information and assistance.

  • To speak to our staff, please call 1 300 88 3000 if you are within Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 if you are overseas.
  • Only one incubator per flight is permitted.
Childcare facilities at the airport

For the convenience of nursing mothers, we have a Baby Changing Facility and Lactation Room at selected airports, complete with cradle, high chair, diaper-changing table, and basic toiletries such as baby soap, talcum powder and nappies.


Flying with children or arranging for their independent travel? Here is a guide on the special services we have for young flyers and how to make arrangements for them.

Unaccompanied minors

If your child is travelling alone, our Special Assistance Crew is on hand to provide friendly reassurance and guidance. We have special programmes for unaccompanied young passenger (YPTA), which refers to a child who has reached the 5th but not the 15th birthday and is not accompanied by his/her parents, guardians or a passenger aged 18 years or more. (the conditions under which minors are permitted to travel, however, may differ based on point of departure. For this reason, we advise you to contact your nearest Malaysia Airlines office for more details).

If there is a long wait before boarding, your child is invited to relax and enjoy some light refreshments at the Malaysia Airlines Special Assistance Lounge. When it’s time to board, they will be accompanied to the boarding gate and handed over to the cabin crew, who will make sure they are comfortably settled in.

On arrival, our staff will accompany your child through immigration and baggage collection, before handing your child over to the appointed guardian at the arrival gate.

  • This service must be requested upon reservation of ticket.
Priority boarding

Families with infants and children are invited to board the aircraft first. This allows parents more time to stow away their luggage and ensure that their kids are seated comfortably without having to worry about disturbing the flow of passengers boarding.

Entertainment on board

There’s a lot to see and do on board an MH flight. Our Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) system, available on selected aircrafts, offers a selection of movies, and cartoons that will keep your kids busy and entertained.


If you are travelling on a flight that has a meal service, our special Child’s Meal (CHML) is nutritionally designed for children aged 2 to 12. The exact meal served depends on the flight sector, so do call us in advance if you would like to make a request.

  • This service must be requested through the Reservations/Ticket Counter/Call Centre at least 24 hours before departure. Please call 1 300 88 3000 if you are calling from within Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 if you are overseas.
Childcare facilities at the airport

Malaysia Airlines provides a Child’s Play Room at selected airports. These are equipped with a television and DVD player, kid-sized writing tables, chairs, toys, comics and colouring books.

Please note that bassinet seats are not available in Business Suite cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"