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The #MHGiveaway Contest (“Contest”) is organised by Malaysia Airlines Berhad (“MAB”) and will run from 25th February 2017 (12:00AM, Malaysian time) – 30th April 2017 (11:59PM, Malaysian time).


To qualify for the Contest, participants must be a fan of MAB’s Official Instagram page, @malaysiaairlines. Those who are not fans of MAB’s Official Instagram page, as well as all employees (including but not limited to contractual & temporary employees) or immediate family members and relatives of MAB, its affiliates and subsidiaries, are NOT eligible to participate in the Contest (“Eligible Participants”). This Contest is open to residence of Malaysia.


The mechanics of the Contest are as follows:

  • Eligible Participants are to repost any #MHGiveaway posts on Malaysia Airlines’ Instagram page, @malaysiaairlines.
  • In your caption, form a sentence using #MHGiveaway and tell us why we should bring you to Japan.
  • Eligible Participants’ Instagram profile must be public and they must follow @malaysiaairlines.
  • Participants must have travelled to at least ONE (1) Malaysia Airlines domestic destinations within the period of 25th February 2017, 12.00AM (Malaysian time) – 30th April 2017, 11.59PM (Malaysian time).
  • Entries have to be submitted by 30th April 2017, 11.59PM (Malaysian time).
  • Winners will be shortlisted based on creative merits of their submitted entries.
  • Shortlisted winners will be contacted by 20th May 2017.
  • Shortlisted winners are required to submit a copy of their travel itinerary or boarding pass within the period of 25th February 2017, 12.00AM (Malaysian time) – 30th April 2017, 11.59PM (Malaysian time).
  • THREE (3) winners of the Contest will each receive the following Prize:
  • ONE (1) 5D4N holiday package for four to Japan.

Note: Holiday package does not include out of pocket expenses.


MAB reserves the right to use, reproduce, edit and distribute materials submitted for this Contest for publication and/or display in any media format and any media channels without obtaining further prior permission and payment of any fees or royalty to the participant.


The participant grants MAB a non-exclusive, royalty-free and transferable right to use, reproduce, edit or distribute any materials submitted for the competition in any media format and any media channels as deemed fit by MAB.


MAB reserves the right to use the winners’ names, images, comments and materials relating to their Contest experience for the purpose of any announcement or promotional or marketing purposes in any media format and any media channels without any fee being paid. The Participant shall hold MAB free and harmless from any claims and/or liabilities whatsoever resulting from the usage or the reproduction of the submitted picture by MAB. This clause shall survive the expiration of this Contest Period.


All winners hereby consent to public disclosure of their names and the results of the competition.


MAB, at its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any Eligible Participant and revoke or forfeit any Prizes at any stage of the Contest without prior notice if:

  • The participant is not an Eligible Participant;
  • The Eligible Participant fails to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein resulting to an automatic disqualification;
  • Entries are incomplete resulting to an automatic disqualification;
  • The Eligible Participant breaches any of the Terms and Conditions or other rules and regulations of the Contest or violates any applicable laws or regulations;
  • MAB has, at its sole discretion, any reason whatsoever to believe that such Eligible Participant has attempted to undermine the operation of the Contest in any way whatsoever, including but not limited to fraud, cheating or deception.


MAB’s decision on matters relating to the Contest (including, but not limited to the selection of the winners) shall be final and absolute. No discussion, correspondence, enquiry, appeal or challenge by any of the Eligible Participants in respect of any decision of MAB shall be entertained.


Prizes must be collected in accordance with the mode to be specified by MAB, at its sole and absolute discretion, upon notification of any winnings. Failure to adhere to the mode of collection and within the stipulated time period will result in forfeiture of the Prizes and the Winner(s) shall have no claim whatsoever against MAB, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, employees, representatives, retailers, distributors, dealers as well as its advertising, creative, media, digital, design and other creative agencies of MAB, in the event of forfeiture thereof.


Notwithstanding the above, MAB is entitled to replace the Prizes with other prizes of similar value at any time without any prior notice.


MAB shall not be liable for any disruption to the Contest, whether due to technical problems or otherwise, which is beyond its reasonable control. In the event of disruption to the Contest, reasonable efforts shall be used to remedy the disruption and resume the Contest on a fair and equitable basis to the Eligible Participants.


MAB, its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, employees, representatives, retailers, distributors, dealers as well as its advertising, creative, media, digital, design and other creative agencies of MAB, shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including but not limited to loss of opportunities and any indirect or consequential losses) or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with or arising from either participation in this Contest or with any of the Prizes offered or forfeited.


The Terms and Conditions of the Contest shall be construed, governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.


All rights and privileges herein granted to MAB are irrevocable and not subjected to rescission, restraint or injunction under any and all circumstances. Under no circumstances shall the Eligible Participants have the right to injunctive relief or to restrain or otherwise interfere with the organisation of the Contest, the production, distribution, exhibition and/or exploitation of the Contest and/or any product based on and/or derived from the Contest.


All personal data collected will only be used for the purposes of managing and operating the Contest and not for any other purposes.


MAB reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.


These Terms and Conditions will prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional materials advertising the Contest.


The main language of the Terms and Conditions shall be the English language. Any translation to any other language than English shall be for convenience only. Should there be any discrepancies between the English Terms & Conditions and the translated version, the English Terms & Conditions shall prevail.


By virtue of an entry to the Contest, the Eligible Participants signify their absolute and unconditional acceptance and agreement to all the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein.


MAB reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest without any prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, any cancellation, termination or suspension by MAB of the Contest shall not entitle the Eligible Participants to any claim or compensation against MAB, its agents and employees for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred by the Eligible Participants as a direct or an indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension thereof.


By participating in this Contest, it is deemed that the Eligible Participants have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


MAB will not be held responsible for any typographical errors or misprint under these Terms and Conditions.


Any questions, remarks or complaints relating to this Contest may be submitted to MAB’s Facebook or Instagram Page via Direct Message or Private Message.


Terms and conditions for utilization of air tickets with the following procedures:

●      You must inform us  details of your booking reservation within the following deadlines:

(a)   For international sectors, not more than 30 days before your departure date;

(b)   For domestic sectors, not more than 7 days before your departure date;

(c)    All notifications must be received by us before 11am of the specified deadlines, and all notifications received by us after 12 noon shall be considered as being received on next working day.

●      Flight reservations are to be made on RBD (Reservation Booking Designators) class available subjects always to the following conditions:

(a)   Seats availability on sponsorship tickets allotment and

(b)   Blackout periods based on the region/zone for year 2017 guided by MAB Revenue Management Department

(c)    Any other conditions as may be stipulated by us from time to time without prior notice.

●      Ticket(s) are to be issued against a valid and duly authorized Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s Air Transport Request (ATR) only. Such ATR will only be issued when both return sectors are confirmed and will not be applicable for open dated air ticket(s);

●      Tickets issued are valid for travel on Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) services and the routing and classes only as specified in the letter of offer either for single or return journey from and/or to any points/destinations in an existing domestic or international route;

●      Voluntary stopover other than those expressly specified in this winner letter will not be allowed;

●      The ticket (s) shall not to be transferred, upgraded, assigned or be the subject for a refund in cash;

●      The ticket(s) include airport taxes and fuel surcharge. Insurance surcharge, freight charges, excess baggage as well as other charges which may be payable or chargeable at any time or any specific airport shall be borne by passenger.

●      Changes to travel date are permitted before issuance of electronic tickets.  Once electronic tickets are issued, a one-time change is allowed.  Any other changes will not be entertained.

●      Validity of the flight tickets is one month after issuance of electronic tickets and validity of the utilization of the winning air tickets is six months from the date of the award letter.

●      All tickets shall be subject to MAB’s prevailing policies, rules and regulations which shall include the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage.  A copy of the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage can be found on

●      None of these terms and conditions can be amended, modified or varied without the prior written consent of MAB.