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ウェブチェックイン - オンラインでチェックインを済ませば、長蛇の列とは無縁になります
  • ご出発の48時間から90分前までご利用いただけます。
  • Not applicable for check-in from Brunei, Xiamen and codeshare flights operated by partner carrier
フライト便名は4桁で入力してください。 例えば、 MH1の場合、0001と入力します。


To ensure that the cabin overhead compartments are not excessively full and for the safety, comfort and convenience of everyone on board, please ensure that you comply with our cabin baggage set of rules and allowances.

Class of travel

Number of pieces allowed

Maximum Weight

Economy Class

One piece

7 kg (15 lb)

Business Class

Two pieces

14 kg (31 lb) - in total

First Class

Two pieces

14 kg (31 lb) - in total


The cabin baggage allowance for Enrich Platinum and Gold / oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members remains as per their ticketed class of travel.

The additional free baggage allowance applies to checked baggage only.



Each piece must not exceed the following dimensions:


Additional items allowed onboard

In addition to your cabin baggage, you may carry these items on your flight free of charge:

1. Either one of the following:

a. A briefcase (not more than 4kg or 9lbs in weight).

b. A notebook or laptop computer (not more than 4kg or 9lbs in weight, including case and accessories in dedicated computer bag).

c. A small camera bag.

2. An infant amenities bag (containing infant food for consumption on board and nappies during flight) and/or small infant carry cot or fully collapsible baby stroller (on wide body aircraft only and subject to space availability).

3. A handbag (male/female).

4. One (1) duty free shopping bag for goods purchased at the airport.

5. Walking stick / crutches.

6. An overcoat.

We recommend you take anything you may need on the flight with you, including medication and keys. All medication should have a professional pharmaceutical label on the container if you are transporting medication in your carry-on luggage. If you require a medical syringe, you must have the needle guard intact.

Cabin baggage must be stowed underneath the seat in front of the passenger or in the overhead compartment. Please note that security risk items such as knives, nail clippers, blades, or any sharp and/or pointed objects must be removed from cabin baggage and packed in checked baggage. You must be able to activate any electronic devices at the security checkpoint. If you are unable to do so, you must pack these items in your checked baggage.


At the check-in counter
Please ensure that you declare all your cabin baggage (including all additional items allowed onboard) at the check-in counter. You will be required to check-in your excess baggage and pay any excess baggage charges accordingly.

Compliance to baggage Policy
We will perform our checking to ensure passengers are complying strictly to our cabin baggage policy during check-in and prior to boarding.

During check-in, passengers are required to declare all their cabin baggage (including additional items allowed onboard). If exceeded the allowed limits, it must be checked-in and pay any excess baggage charges accordingly.

Similarly at the boarding gate, any cabin baggage that exceeds the allowed limits will be collected and loaded into the aircraft cargo compartment.  You will be required to pay any excess baggage charges accordingly.

For the safety and comfort of both our crew and passengers, Malaysia Airlines will retain the sole discretion to decide whether any item shall be permitted into the cabin or to be carried as checked baggage


  • 1個あたり100ml/mg以上の容器に入った飲み物、クリーム、化粧品、スプレー、ジェルならびに歯磨き粉はお持込いただけません。
  • これらのものは封のできる透明なプラスティック袋に入れ下さい。
  • お客様1名様あたり1リットル以内の透明プラスティック袋1個をお持込いただけます。20cm x 20cm、または25cm x 15cmなどの透明プラスティック袋は、市販されております。
  • 縦 x 横サイズの合計が80cmを超える透明プラスティック袋はお持込いただけません。



  • 電池を使用した電子葉巻を含む電子タバコとその他電子吸引器は受託手荷物の中にいれず、必ず機内持ち込み手荷物としてお持ちください。
  • 機内にての使用、及び充電は出来ません。
  • 予備のリチウム電池はお一人様2個まで機内手荷物としてのみお持ち込みいただけます。受託手荷物には入れないでください。
  • l  リチウム電池はショートなどを防ぐために接続部を絶縁テープなどでしっかり保護し、別々に収納してください。
  • お持ち込みいただけるリチウム電池は以下のとおりです。
    • リチウム含有料が8g以下のリチウム金属またはリチウム合金電池。
    • 時間あたり電力が160Wh以下のリチウム・イオン電池。
  • 携帯電話、スマートフォン、タブレット、電子書籍リーダー、MP3プレーヤーなどの小型電子機器は特にオートリクライニング機能付き座席にて、不慮の摩擦、落下による破損などにより、発火の危険性があります。
  • これらの機器が座席の隙間に挟まったり、落とした場合は、決して座席を動かさないでください。
  • このような場合は、客室乗務員がお手伝いいたしますのでお知らせください。
  •  周囲のお客様には一旦座席を空けていただくご協力をお願いする場合があります。