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MH Upgrade
If you purchased a confirmed Economy Class or Business Class ticket on a flight operated by Malaysia Airlines, MHupgrade offers you the opportunity to upgrade by determining your own price for your upgrade.
You pay nothing until your offer is successful. We will inform you 48 hours before your departure.

Steps to Submit an Offer

1. Make an offer

If you have received an offer email from us, click on the link provided in the offer email.
If you have not received an offer email, you may check your eligibility by entering your Airline Booking Reference and Last Name/Surname in the Check Your Eligibility box.
You will be directed to our offer page if you are eligible.

Use the price slider to choose your offer price.

2. Enter Payment Details

Enter your credit card details to enable payment upon successful upgrade. No charges will be applied unless the upgrade offer is successful.

3. Review and Submit

Ensure that all details are correct before submitting your offer.
You will be notified by Malaysia Airlines whether your upgrade offer is accepted 48 hours before your flight departure.
Upon successful upgrade, you will be provided with a new ticket and your offer price will be charged to your credit card.


First Class

Fly in luxurious comfort on our flights and experience true Malaysian Hospitality.

Business Class

Where mixing business and pleasure is acceptable.

Terms & Conditions and FAQs

MHupgrade terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.


Any questions on MHupgrade, we'll be glad to answer.


Please note that products and services offered in the upgraded class may vary according to aircraft type and configuration. Aircraft type may also be subject to last minute changes due to operational requirements.