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最近導入されたアマデウスの技術により、マレーシア航空アプリが新しくなります。最新機能を用いたモバイル体験をお楽しみください。あなたのフライトに簡単アクセス オンライン が新しいアプリに登場!さらに充実!


  • 複数の客室クラスから、リアルタイムにあらゆるフライト運賃を検索。
  • 数回のタップだけで片道や往復のチケットを予約。
  • フライトの48時間前からチェックイン可能。
  • マレーシア航空のすべてのフライトの時刻表を確認。
  • パートナーのBooking.comからホテルを予約。



  • ビザ、マスターカード、アメリカン・エキスプレス、ペイパルから選べる支払方法。
  • フライトに関するアラートや旅行のアドバイスなどを受信。
  • さらに使いやすくなった画面。
  • ニュースレターに登録。







What are the features available in the Malaysia Airlines app?
The Malaysia Airlines app allows you to book, select your seat and pay for your flight, check in for your flight, view flight schedule, receive travel alerts and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also enjoy fantastic deals with our hotel partner Booking.com.


Is registration required before I can use the Malaysia Airlines app?
No registration is required. If previously you have registered via your Enrich membership number,  you will still be able to accumulate your miles when you check in for your flight.


What if I have installed the Malaysia Airlines app before, do I need to uninstall it?

No, you are only required to update the app.


In the previous version, I had stored my trip history and was able to view my Enrich Miles, can I do the same with the new app?

We regret to inform that with this initial release of the app, you need to log on to the Enrich portal https://www.enrich.malaysiaairlines.com/EnrichWebsite/Login.jsp to view your Enrich Miles balance. All your previous miles will still be credited although the Malaysia Airlines app does not store your trip history. Enhancements to manage your miles using the app will be made available progressively in future.


Will I be charged for using the Malaysia Airlines app? 
Malaysia Airlines does not charge a fee to for accessing the Malaysia Airlines app. The only cost you will incur is the data charges imposed by your mobile service provider.


What are the languages available?
The Malaysia Airlines app is currently only available in English. More languages will be introduced progressively in future.


How do I book a flight?
Under 'Book Flight' you can book your ticket on the go in four easy steps:

  • Enter flight destination, date, cabin class and number of passengers.
  • From the options displayed, select the preferred departure and return flight.
  • Your flight summary will be displayed. To purchase, you have the option of paying with your credit card or with your PayPal account.
  • Once payment is successful, a booking confirmation will be sent to you by email.


What are the payment options available?
You can conveniently pay for flights booked through your mobile phone by using Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, or your PayPal account. Payment via PayPal on the Malaysia Airlines app is currently valid for the following currencies: MYR, SGD, GBP, USD, AUD, HKD, EUR, JPY and NZD.


How do I get my ticket?
Once your mobile booking is successful, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Your mobile-booked flight is then automatically issued as an electronic ticket (e-Ticket).


How do I receive my passenger receipt after my flight?
You will receive a copy of your itinerary by e-mail.


Can I change my flight using the Malaysia Airlines app?
Unfortunately the Malaysia Airlines app does not support this request at the moment. To change your flight, please contact Malaysia Airlines Call Centre at 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000 (international). You can also contact your nearest Malaysia Airlines office.

Please note that bassinet seats are not available in First Class cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"