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Special Equipment

Malaysia Airlines is pleased to accept musical instruments (both electrical and non-electrical) for carriage as checked baggage.          

  • Musical instruments must be securely packed.
  • The musical instrument and container are subject to the applicable oversized baggage charge.
  • Small musical instruments may be allowed as carry-on baggage, even if the item may not fit into the baggage-sizing unit due to its irregular shape.

While every care will be taken with your possessions, it is recommended that you purchase additional baggage insurance to cover loss or damage to these items.

All sports equipment, including golfing equipment, will be carried as part of the free checked baggage allowance, and will be subject to excess baggage charges if overweight. 

Detailed information on bringing fishing/archery/bowling/skiing equipment, golfing clubs, canoes/kayaks, bicycles, boogie boards, parachutes/hang gliders, scuba diving equipment, cricket equipment and surfboards, please refer to Carriage of Sporting Equipment.

Please note that Limited Release Baggage Tag (LRT) is required for check in of golf clubs using a hard shell golf travel container or any travel bag (e.g. soft sided bag). They will be accepted for check in only upon completion of the LRT. The LRT releases Malaysia Airlines from liabilities on baggage resulting from any pre-existing damage or damage from the normal course of handling.


Special exemptions and allowances

Exemption on golfing equipment will only be accorded to the following groups, where one free golfing equipment set is allowed per passenger:

  • Enrich Platinum and Emerald members
  • Malaysian Government travellers on Warrant Travel, (i.e. WPUA/WPM only)
  • Corporate travel

The above exemption is applicable regardless of class of travel.