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Special discounts on Malaysia Airlines for ABA Bank Cardholder

Save up to 15% on fares to popular worldwide destinations with this exclusive offer from Malaysia Airlines and ABA Bank of Cambodia.
Just book your flight using ABA Bank Card today to enjoy great savings on your next holiday or business trip.


Booking period
August 10 – October 10, 2019

Travel period
August 10, 2019 – March 31, 2020



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Terms and conditions:
  1. The​ promotion​ is​ valid​ only​ for​ tickets​ bought​ from this Promotion link.
  2. The​ promotion​ is​ applicable​ for​ both​ new​ and​ existing​ ABA​ Mastercard​ and​ Visa​ cardholders​ (both​ physical​ and​ virtual​ cards​ are​ applied).​
  3. The​ promotion​ is​ valid​ only​ for​ departing​ from​ Phnom​ Penh​ International​ Airport​ to​ all​ destinations​ where​ Malaysia​ Airlines​ is​ operating.
  4. The​ discount​ does​ not​ include​ airport​ taxes,​ fees​ and​ other​ charges.
  5. The​ discount​ is​ applicable​ for​ both​ Business​ Class​ and​ Economy​ Class​ airfares,​ but​ subject​ to​ available​ seat,​ cabin​ class​ and​ flight​ schedule.
  6. In​ addition​ to​ 15%​ discount​ on​ the​ base​ fare,​ one​ user​ who​ buys​ the​ most​ tickets​ during​ the​ promo​ period​ will​ win​ two​ return​ flight​ tickets​ from​ Phnom​ Penh​ to​ Kuala​ Lumpur.​ The​ winner​ will​ be​ announced​ on​ November​ 07,​ 2019.
  7. The​ promotion​ cannot​ be​ transferred​ or​ exchanged​ for​ cash​ or​ other​ products.
  8. ABA​ Bank​ reserves​ the​ rights​ at​ its​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ program​ or​ vary,​ delete​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.​
  9. The​ decision​ of​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ Malaysia​ Airlines​ on​ all​ matters​ related​ to​ this​ program​ is​ final​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.


Please note that bassinet seats are not available in Business Suite cabin. In case you want to proceed with your booking, please click "Continue"