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  • 提前 48 小时开放,直至起飞前 90 分钟。
  • 不适用于从文莱、昆明、洛杉矶、厦门和加德满都出发;吉隆坡至洛杉矶,东京至洛杉矶航段;以及合作航空公司运营代码共享的航班办理登机手续。
请使用 4 位数字表示航班号。例如:输入 0001 表示 MH1。

News and Offers

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Stay up to date with Enrich News, which covers all the exciting events and happenings in the Enrich world. Keep abreast with the latest Enrich Offers and Partner Offers, so you’ll never miss out on the good things coming your way. And find interesting and informative tidbits through our Enrich Moments videos. We’ll keep you posted anytime we have something new.


Excellence in Loyalty Marketing – Bronze Winner

In collaboration with Visit Britain, Enrich has won Bronze at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2016 in the Excellence in Loyalty Marketing category for the Enrich Luxe Retreat UK programme. Many thanks to our valued Enrich members for your continuous support and look forward to even greater things to come, to make your travel and lifestyle truly rewarding.


Best Partnership in a Loyalty Programme – Bronze Winner

We celebrate our latest achievement – Bronze for Best Partnership in a Loyalty Programme at the Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2016. Thank you to our valued Enrich members for your continuous support.