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Travellers are hungry, not just for local cuisines but also for authentic experiences. In Asia, food is a central element in celebrations as well as daily life. Join us in our culinary journey in Malaysia and China as we celebrate Hari Raya and discover halal food influenced by trade between east and west.

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A Celebration of Festive Flavours

Like any other festival in Malaysia, food takes a prominent place during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid Mubarak). This year, it falls on 28 July and the celebration continues for one month – giving you plenty of time to sample mouthwatering Raya dishes. Count yourself lucky if you are invited to an open house – it’s the best place to enjoy authentic Raya favourites – or try one of the many hotel buffets that offer a Raya theme. Here are some Raya goodies you can look forward to.


Ketupat and lemang

You would know that Hari Raya is around the corner when you see ketupat casings popping up everywhere – as decorations in shopping malls, on greeting cards and in advertisements. These woven coconut leaves are filled with rice and boiled. It is usually served with the peanut-based satay gravy or rendang.

Similar to ketupat, lemang is made with glutinous rice and coconut milk and cooked in hollow bamboo sticks lined with banana leaves.



This beef floss is cooked with spices until dry and is often served with ketupat or lemang. It makes a great sandwich too.


This is a sweet rice cake made of palm sugar, glutinous rice and coconut milk. You can find this outside the Raya season as it is commonly sold at any hawker stall that sells Malay kuih. 

Cookie platter

Raya goodies are not all heavy. If you are too stuffed, just go for the cookie platter. Nestled daintily in paper baking cups, biskut almond London is a Raya favourite. The cookie is coated in chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds. The crunchy biskut conrnflakes is another modern favourite.

For something traditional, try kuih makmur, a melt-in-your-mouth cookie made with ghee and butter. Rempeyek is a crispy rice flour cracker topped with peanuts and anchovies. Kuih karas is an interesting snack that looks like bird’s nest. Rice flour batter is poured out of a mould to form a thin, lacy pancake over hot oil.


Made of almost the same ingredients as wajik, dodol is another popular Raya treat. It is sticky and sweet, much like toffee but softer. The dodol you will enjoy will most likely be store-bought as its preparation is a long and tedious affair. The batter is simmered in a large wok, usually outdoors over a charcoal fire and needs to be constantly stirred with a wooden paddle over at least seven hours. Dodol is sometimes flavoured, most popularly with pandan (screwpine leaves) or durian.


This dry beef curry is cooked slowly over a low fire with spices, kerisik (toasted desiccated coconut) and coconut milk. No two rendangs are the same as each family would have its own recipe.

Chicken kuzi

This is a special dish from Kelantan (a state in the east coast). It looks like curry but does not contain chilli. Its base is made from tomato sauce, fried onions and spices.  The dish is often served with another Kelantanese specialty, roti jala (a lacy, yellow pancake).

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