Earning Enrich Miles

Earning Enrich Miles

How do I earn Enrich Miles?
You earn Enrich Miles each time you travel with Malaysian Airlines or an Enrich airline partner on a qualifying fare. Enrich Miles can also be earned when you use the products and services of Enrich partners in the following categories; hotel, car rental, credit/charge card, telecommunications, spa, shopping and lifestyle. See: Earn Enrich Miles

How many Enrich miles will I earn for my flight?
The number of miles you earn for your flight will depend on the type of ticket you purchase, the class of service you travel, your tier status in Enrich and the distance you fly.

How do I keep track of my Enrich Miles?
The best way to keep track of your miles is to log in at the Enrich site. You will be able to view your latest Enrich transactions as well as your activity from the past 6 months. A quarterly account statement will be mailed to members who have accrued or redeemed Enrich Miles during the previous quarter.

Can I earn miles by flying other airlines besides Malaysia Airlines?
Yes you can. Enrich Miles can be earned when travelling on Enrich partner airlines. To ensure you receive mileage credit for your travel, be sure to quote your Enrich membership number when making your reservation and present your Enrich membership card when you check-in with the partner airline.

If I purchase my Malaysia Airlines tickets from a travel agent, will I earn the same number of miles as those purchased from a Malaysia Airlines ticket office?
Yes, as long as the ticket purchased is eligible to accrue Enrich Miles, it does not matter where you purchase the ticket from.

Can I earn miles for flights taken before I enrolled?
Members are only allowed to accrue miles on flights flown after enrolling as an Enrich member. Flights taken before enrolling do not earn Enrich miles, except for flights on MH flights within 60 days prior to enrolment.

Will I earn Enrich Miles when I fly on an Award Ticket?
No, you cannot accrue miles when traveling on an Award Ticket.

How long does it take for miles to appear in my account?
For miles accrued on Malaysia Airlines please allow up to 7 days; for miles accrued with Enrich partners please allow 4–6 weeks for the miles to appear in your account.

What should I do if miles are not credited to my account?
First, log in to the Enrich site, then fill in the relevant form under “Claim Missing Miles”. Alternatively you can call Enrich and request a form to be faxed to you. Be sure to retain your original travel documents (i.e. boarding pass and ticket stubs) and partner receipts (i.e. hotel receipts, copy of car rental agreement and other invoices/receipts/statements from other partners) as you will need this in order to complete the Missing Enrich Miles Claim Form.

How do I redeem my credit card points for Enrich Miles?
You will need to contact the credit card company or bank directly and request for your points to be transferred to Enrich. They will inform you of the conversion rate at the time of the transfer. Allow for up to 2 weeks for the miles to appear in your account.

Can I combine miles from my account with miles from another account?
Yes, you can transfer Enrich Miles into another member’s account for a small fee. You can transfer as many miles as you like to other members; however, each individual member may receive a maximum of 50,000 transferred miles per year.