Enrich Services

Top-up, transfer or extend your Enrich Miles

Enrich Miles come with a degree of flexibility. Find these services and more when you log in to the Enrich Online.

Enrich Express

Don't have enough Enrich Miles to redeem an award that you want? With Enrich Express, you can top up to a maximum of 30% of the redemption with cash. Enrich Miles may also be purchased in blocks of 500 Enrich Miles, at RM50 per block, plus an administrative fee of RM40.

Enrich Retroclaim

Enrich Miles missing from your statement? Worry not. You may claim for missing Enrich Miles on Malaysia Airlines flights through Enrich Online, via the ‘Claim Missing Miles’ function.

All you need to do is select the ‘claim missing miles’ function
fill in a simple form to claim your missing Enrich Miles.

Enrich Extension

If you have Enrich Miles that are expiring soon, you can reinstate their validity for 12 months from the end of the year they were set to expire by applying for an extension. You may start extending your Enrich Miles from October (prior to expiry) until July the following year (after expiry.) A fee will be applied to extend the validity of your Enrich Miles.

Enrich Miles Transfer

Enrich Miles make nice gifts. Share your Enrich Miles with family and friends who are also Enrich members, for a nominal fee. You may transfer up to 50,000 Enrich Miles to an individual member.

Enrich Platinum and Gold Assistance Programme

Who do you call for assistance when you encounter an emergency while travelling abroad or just need some help with something at home? This assistance programme for Enrich Platinum and Gold members is just a call away anytime, anywhere. Find out more