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Malaysia Airlines Flight Operations to Taiwan and China from Kota Kinabalu

Subang, 29 August 2011 : In view that the tropical storm in Taiwan is moving towards Kaohsiung (KHH) and Taipei (TPE), Malaysia Airlines has retimed its flight schedules to both Kaohsiung and Taipei departing from its eastern hub Kota Kinabalu (BKI). Please see the below *appendix for details of the flights that has been retimed.

The storms' pattern indicates that it will likely move into Xiamen(XMN), Mainland China tomorrow. Malaysia Airlines is monitoring the situation very closely. Malaysia Airlines is unable to ascertain the status of its flights MH390 and MH391 to XMN and other flights in this region as of now.

Where necessary, flight operations will be reviewed and customers will be notified personally. Customers can also be updated by closely referring to the flight status function on our website Where possible, Malaysia Airlines will offer alternatives to customers to minimise disruptions to their travel plans.

Before heading to the airport, customers can call the Malaysia Airlines Contact Centre at the toll-free number at 1-300-88-3000 for calls within Malaysia and 603-7843 3000 for calls outside Malaysia or contact the nearest Malaysia Airlines office.

Customers wishing to defer their travel date can rebook on the same original ticketed class of travel from now until 5 September 2011.  Penalties will be waived. For customers who wish to cancel their travel, a full refund is permitted at no charges for a fully unused ticket for this given period. For partially used tickets deferment of travel will be allowed at no additional charges.

From Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Airlines currently operates twice weekly flights to Kaohsiung and daily flights to Taipei.


Please see the table below for the flight change details:-

Flight Number
Destination From/ToPrevious Schedules – Date,Current Schedules- Date,
  Time of Departure, Time of ArrivalTime of Departure, Time of Arrival
MH086BKI/KHH29 August30 August
  STD*/STA* 3.20pm/6.15pm (local time - LT)ETD/ETA 7.00am /9.55am  (LT)
MH087KHH/BKI30 August30 August
  STD/STA 8.30am/11.30amETD/ETA 10.45am/1.45pm (LT)
MH068BKI/TPE29 August30 August
  STD/STA 5.45pm /9.05pmETD/ETA 0700/10.20am (LT)
MH069TPE/BKI30 August30 August
  STD/STA 8.00am/11.30amETD/ETA 11.10am/2.40pm (LT)

*STD: Scheduled time of departure

*STA: Scheduled time of arrival

*ETD: Estimated time of departure

*ETA: Estimated time of arrival

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