Becoming an Enrich member

Becoming an Enrich member

What is Enrich?
Enrich is Malaysia Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme and it aims to recognise and reward frequent flyers with free travel and special benefits.

How do I join Enrich?
The easiest way to join is to sign up online. Membership is free and open to individuals above 2 years old.

How soon will my enrolment be processed?
You will receive your membership number within 24 hours if you enrol online. If you enrol using an Enrich membership enrolment form, your membership number and temporary membership card are attached to the enrolment form. You will be eligible to participate in Enrich activities as soon as you enrol to become a member.

Will I receive a membership number when I enrol online?
Yes, you will receive your membership number and a printable membership card by email within 24 hours. Your permanent plastic membership card will be sent to you after you make you first qualifying activity.

Can I enrol as an Enrich member even if I do not live in Malaysia?
Yes, Enrich membership is open to individuals in all countries where such programmes are legal.

Is there an enrolment fee or annual fee for Enrich?
Membership is free. There is no enrolment fee or annual fee.

Can I have more than one Enrich account? One for business and one for personal use?
An individual may have only one Enrich account. A business or legal entity is not allowed to have an Enrich account.

Is there an expiry date for membership?
No, Enrich memberships do not expire. However, your Enrich account will be closed if no activity is registered in your account for 36 months.

Can I earn miles for flights taken before I enrolled as an Enrich member?
Members are only allowed to earn miles on flights flown after enrolling as an Enrich member. Flights taken before enrolment are not eligible to earn Enrich Miles, except for Malaysia Airlines flights taken within 60 days prior to enrolment.