Kuala Terengganu

Beautiful beaches and Malay traditional art

Home to the Monsoon Cup, Kuala Terengganu, the state capital of Terengganu is resplendent with its white beaches, exotic islands, lush tropical jungles and magnificent waterfalls. While the natural heritage calls out to the adventurous, the culturally inclined will find that this town is a treasure. Old shop houses still stand in this city, with wooden furniture and dusty books trailing a lingering ghost of the past. Fine textiles, such as batik and songket are abundant and aspiring craftsmen and women can try their hands at batik printing or songket weaving.

Some of the best diving spots in Peninsular Malaysia are also located not far from Terengganu, via the islands of Redang and Tenggol. A perfect clincher to a typical Kuala Terengganu day is to bask in the rays of the setting sun, watching the silhouettes of incoming fisherman from a long hard day at sea.