Kuala Lumpur

Multi-ethnic, multicultural city of skyscrapers and heritage

The capital of Malaysia has made its mark as being one of the most kaleidoscopic cities in Southeast Asia. Here, skyscrapers and bustling trade fuse with heritage buildings and multi-ethnic people: in an air of perfect hybrid of commercialisation and culture.

Rising 88 stories above ground, the Petronas Towers, one of the tallest buildings in the world sets the skyline for downtown KL. Kilometres away, the Kuala Lumpur Railway station, epitomising the best of neo-Moorish architecture from Malaysia's colonial past shuttles urbanites in and out of the city.

It's excitement at every corner – the shopaholic will be enthralled with its massive shopping malls, architectural buffs will be fascinated with the mingling of designs of various influences, and the cultural aficionados will meet their match with the diverse cultural landscape that makes up this charming metropolis. As the sun sets, nocturnal travellers will have streets full of trendy spots to choose from.