Tokyo Narita

A growth city rooted in Japanese culture

Explore Tokyo, a city where life is lived in the fast lane with a cultural core rooted in the Edo period. It's an intriguing city with so much to enjoy. Watch bustling workers and pre-dawn tuna auctions at the Tsukiji Fish Market – it's a hive of activities and also the best place to savour the freshest sushi in town. To slow down, take a leisurely stroll down the wide lawns of the Imperial Palace East Gardens to explore the castle ruins and guard houses.

Catch a glimpse of the kogal subculture, with its platform boots wearing proponents at Shibuya. Also known as a major shopping centre for Japanese fashion, this is where you can see some of the most innovative fashion trends on young Japanese. Once you're done wondering the city, grab a Bento lunch box to fill up your stomach. But no trip is complete without sampling some sake, a Japanese rice wine.