Fabulous days, amazing nights

Take a flight into Jakarta to be in the midst this exciting and lively Asian cosmopolitan. Visit Kota, the centre of old Batavia and the tourist hub of Jakarta. Taman Fatahillah, a cobbled time warp square holds the history of Jakarta, while Sunda Kelapa is the place to watch sailing schooners stride the high seas. For a tad of Jakarta's maritime history, visit the Maritime Museum and relive the tales of Dutch seafarers from as far back as the 19th century.

For a touch of traditional puppetry, visit the Puppet Museum – housed in an early 20th century colonial building that hosts traditional wayang kulit and wayang golek shows. Tour a batik factory and learn fascinating insights on techniques of waxing and dying textiles and make your own unique souvenir to take home. This main port of entry for tourists and business travellers is also a great place to get acquainted with authentic Indonesian cuisine and a trip there wouldn't be complete without experiencing its vibrant nightlife.