Embark on gastronomic adventures or enjoy sunny days on the beach in Malaysia's 'Pearl of the Orient'.


A must-stop for tennis enthusiasts, this bustling metropolitan city is the meeting point of art, history, music, culture and natural beauty.


Modern technological advances meet traditional Eastern culture in this colourful city of tasty street food and endless shopping possibilities.

Siem Reap

Step back in time by visiting one of the world’s most important historical sites while soaking in the charms of local culture.


The dream destination of many, this city oozes with romance, beautiful art and cultural sites that are not to be missed by any visitor to France.


Be awed by the grandeur and beautiful intricacies of Islamic architecture at the only city that is the meeting point between Asia and Europe.

Phnom Penh

Reflect upon the past and the promise of a better tomorrow at the 'Paris of the East'.