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MH Bikers Historical Moment with Malaysia Airlines A380

Sepang, 28 January 2014: Malaysia Airlines MH Bikers today photographed with the airline’s A380 to mark their support for the national carrier’s initiatives at a small ceremony held at Hangar 6 of Malaysia Airlines’ Complex, South Support Zone.

Malaysia Airlines flagship, the A380 has been the pride of many especially the airline’s staff and it continues to be popular amongst passengers for its unrivalled flying experience.

To reflect the loyalty and spirit for the company, a group of bike enthusiasts which consists of Malaysia Airlines staff have painted their own motorbikes identical to the airlines’ A380 livery.

Aptly named MH Bikers, the group of 85 bikers is committed to achieve the objective of promoting the superjumbo, as well as the airline’s corporate branding on the road.

Malaysia Airlines' Group Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said at the event, "Malaysia Airlines encourages its staff to innovate and think creatively at the workplace. The identical painting of the A380 on each of these bikes portray the commitment of the bikers towards living and breathing the brand.”

“We want to nurture our staff to ‘think-out-of-the-box’ and produce fresh ideas of doing things in the company,” added Ahmad Jauhari.

MH Bikers is planning for a series of activities including promotional convoy rides and community programs. The activities will be carried out to boost the Malaysia Airlines’ brand presence whilst supporting their hobby.