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Travel Advisory

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  • Open from 48 hours and up to 90 minutes before departure.
  • Not applicable for check-in from Brunei, Kunming, Los Angeles, Xiamen, Kathmandu; Kuala Lumpur-Los Angeles, Tokyo-Los Angeles sectors; and codeshare flights operated by partner carriers.
For Flight No. please use 4-digit format. Example: For MH1, enter 0001.
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✈Sales Period : 12 - 14 Dec 2014 ✈Travel Period: 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2015
Terms and Condition  
Advance Purchase 3 Days
Minimum Stay 2 Days
Maximum Stay 1 Months
Child and Infant Fares Infant with a seat -  Charge 85% of Adult Promo Fare                                                                                                  Infant without a seat -  Charge 10% of Adult Promo Fare                                                                                                                                                                                                 Child - Charge 85% of Adult Promo Fare 
Enrich Upgrade Not permitted
No Show Not permitted
Stopover Not permitted
Refund All partially and totally unutilised tickets are not refundable
Changes & cancellation  Domestic : RM 100 change fee and applicable fare differential if any
  Upgrading to higher RBD /Cabin permitted , Charge RM 100 and fare differential 
  International : Within Sales Period : RM 200 change fee per document and applicable fare differential if any
  After Sales Period : Convert to Nett Market Fares(NMF) , fare differential and RM 200 change fee
Flight Restriction Domestic : 
  KUL to AOR : Valid on MH1202/1252 (departure) and MH1203/1253 (return)
  KUL to TGG : Valid on MH1326/1336 (departure) and MH1339 (return)
  KUL to KUA : Valid on MH1268 (departure) and MH1263 (return)
  KUL to KBR : Valid on MH1384/1426 (departure) and MH1405/1385 (return)
  KUL to LGK : Valid on MH1456/1458/1430 (departure) and MH1471/1457/1439 (return)
  KUL to BKI : Valid on MH2606/2628/2626 (departure) and MH2637/2603/2647 (return)
  KUL to KCH : Valid on MH2542/2504/2534 (departure) and MH2547/2505/2527 (return)
  International :
  KUL to MNL : Valid on MH704/802/804/708 (departure) and MH705/803/805/807/709 (return)
  KUL to HKT : Valid on MH798/790 (departure) and MH787/799 (return)
  KUL to KBV : Valid on MH810/770 (departure) and MH811/771 (return)
  KUL to HKG : Valid on MH078/MH432/MH448 (departure) and MH449/MH433/079 (return)
Air Fare Price includes airfare, airport tax & fuel surcharge. Certain selected all-inclusive low fares does not include airport taxes as such charge is collected separately by the airport authorities at point of check-in. Price listed is correct as of date of publication and may be subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate, airport tax, fuel surcharge, insurance and administrative fees. Airport tax is subject to revision from time to time by the relevant airport authorities. Fares are not applicable during peak periods, demand flights and subject to seat availability.