Medical Care In The Air

What medical care is available in the air?

Malaysia Airlines carries millions of passengers each year, yet medical incidents are fortunately rare. The most common in-flight medical incidents are fainting, stomach upsets and giddiness. Cabin crew are equipped with basic medical training and the aircraft with medical supplies to ensure passenger health and safety during flights.


Cabin crew medical training

Cabin crew are trained in the use of first-aid equipment and in carrying out basic first-aid and resuscitation procedures. They are also trained to recognise a range of medical conditions that may cause emergencies on board and to act appropriately to manage these.


Medical equipment onboard

The medical kits onboard Malaysia Airlines exceed international regulatory requirements. Equipment carried on an international flight would include:

  • one or more first-aid kits, to be used by the crew
  • a physician’s kit, to be used by a doctor, to treat in-flight medical emergencies
  • an automated external defibrillator (AED) to be used by the crew in case of cardiac arrest


Medical indemnity

Although Malaysia Airlines cabin crew are trained to handle onboard medical incidents, there may be occasions when an unexpected medical emergency occurs requiring attention outside the realm of their training. This may necessitate our cabin crew making a request for a suitably trained medical professional to voluntarily identify themselves and help in providing medical assistance to an injured or ill person onboard the aircraft.

Passengers who identify themselves as medical professionals will be asked to show relevant identification and/or provide details of medical qualifications to our crew upon request.

To the extent permitted by law, Malaysia Airlines will indemnify the medical volunteer against legal liability that may arise from their assistance or treatment given onboard the aircraft.