Media Statement & Information on Flight MH370 | 有关MH370航班的媒体声明及信息

Wednesday, August 20, 08:00 PM GMT +0800 MH370 Press Briefing by Hishammuddin Hussein Minister Of Defence

Today marks Day 165 in the search for MH370.

While our nation is still coping with the grief and shock of the recent MH17 tragedy, we can assure you that the passengers and families of MH370 have not left our hearts. Words mean little but the families and friends of those on board MH370 will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers. We cannot even begin to understand the pain and anguish that they are going through. But we will do all we can to ease their burdens and help them to find closure.

Today, the Cabinet has discussed the next phase of the search which involves us looking at the issue of cost sharing between Australia and Malaysia. It is important to note that Cabinet appreciates and is thankful for Australia’s contribution thus far in the search efforts for MH370. We are also thankful to the Chinese government in their commitment to the trilateral agreement that has been established.

Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport, Dato Hamzah Zainudin, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chair of the Next of Kin Committee and Dato’ Rahim Bakri, Deputy Minister of Defence and Chair of the Asset Deployment Committee will be heading to Canberra, Australia next week. The delegation will be attending a Tripartite meeting between Malaysia, Australia and China. In addition, the Malaysian delegation will also sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Malaysia and Australia that has been approved by both Governments.

On the Asset Deployment front, the KD Mutiara has encountered a starboard engine problem. KD Mutiara is currently on its way to Jakarta to evaluate the extent of the damages and to undergo repairs. We will follow closely the developments of the work undertaken.

The Bunga Mas 6 (BM6) which has been actively present for the past 4 months in the search area ever since the surface search was carried out is currently on its way back to Malaysia after completing its task. BM6 departed Fremantle on the 16th of August.

However, it is important to note that Malaysia’s participation in the search efforts will always continue. Contracted assets will be deployed as Malaysian Government Furnished Equipment for the search.

PETRONAS together with DEFTECH and Phoenix International will deploy a Prosas Side Scan Sonar (Towed Synthetic Aperture Sonar) which will be mounted on the GO Phoenix mother vessel to join the search and recovery works for MH370. The vessel will depart in the first week of September to the search site to undertake the pursuant sub surface search after the bathymetric analysis.

With regards to search area, ATSB is continuing refinement works with the MH370 Strategy Search Group (SSG) which consists of members from the NTSB Australia, Boeing, AAIB UK, Inmarsat, Thales DSTO in narrowing down the search location of MH370.

Let me also take this opportunity to personally address the next of kins of MH370. I can assure you that we remain committed in the search for your loved ones. Malaysia, together with Australia and China continue to do our utmost and our top priority remains with the ongoing search of the missing MH370. Indeed, this is a concerted effort between our three nations and we stand together in facing this task to find the missing airplane.

Saturday, August 09, 03:44 PM GMT +0800 Statement By YB Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai Minister of Transport, Malaysia

MH370 Continues To Be a Priority for Malaysian Government

After five months of searching for the missing plane, we would like to assure the next of kin of MH370 that our commitment to the search for this flight has remained consistent and has strengthened.

To this end, on August 6, together with our international partners, Australia and China, we announced that the contract to conduct a search of the southern Indian Ocean sea floor has been awarded to Fugro Survey Pty Ltd (Fugro).

Fugro will utilise two vessels equipped with towed deep-water vehicles operated by experts who will undertake responsibility for the search operations. The vessels will scan the sea floor utilising sophisticated side scan sonar, multi-beam echo sounders and video cameras with the hope of locating and identifying aircraft debris. The underwater search of the 60,000 square kilometre area is expected to take up a significant amount of time. Assets are already being mobilised with Fugro Discovery en route to Perth from the United Kingdom. Fugro Equator is currently compiling bathymetry data in the search area and will be the second search vessel to be mobilised once the bathymetry stage has been completed.

In tandem with these comprehensive efforts, the Malaysian Government has also despatched KD MUTIARA, a naval survey ship which will be arriving in the latter half of this month to join the bathymetric survey work. Two vessels equipped with side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles will be integrated into the overall capability for the underwater search being led by Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Another Royal Malaysian Navy vessel, Bunga Mas, which has been in the area since April 2014, will continue to support the search efforts.

In addition to these ongoing initiatives, Malaysia’s national oil corporation, Petroliam Nasional Bhd (PETRONAS) is providing assistance for the search-and-recovery (SAR) operations. PETRONAS volunteered to deploy underwater search equipment and a support vessel to be used for deep-water search.

We are also appreciative of the Chinese Government’s support with the deployment of their vessel, the Zhu Kezhen which continues to operate in the southern Indian Ocean, surveying the seabed.

To reiterate, the commitment of the governments involved in the search of MH370 has thus far never wavered and this will continue.

To this end, I will be in Australia from August 19, 2014 to meet with the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and the relevant Agencies and teams who are participating in the SAR operations. A tripartite meeting between China, Australia, and Malaysia at the ministerial level will also be held.



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