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Travel Advisory

Self Service Kiosk

Convenience for the traveller.

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Maximum travellers allowed is 9
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  • Open from 48 hours and up to 90 minutes before departure.
  • Not applicable for check-in from Brunei, Xiamen and codeshare flights operated by partner carrier
For Flight No. please use 4-digit format. Example: For MH1, enter 0001.

Self Check-in Guide



1. Why Self Service Check-in Kiosk?

Self Service Check-in kiosk will allow passengers to take control of their check-in experience. It will:

  • Reduce the waiting time in queue
  • This is a prelude to the implementation of Automated Baggage Drop and Self TaggingAllow passengers to also print their return boarding passes for travel within 48 hours
  • Using technology and innovation to automate the check-in process by easing up the congestion at check
  • Airlines in North America and Europe are already using such kiosks for passenger check-in


2. Who is eligible for Self Service Check-in Kiosk?

  • All confirmed booking passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight
  • Enrich card members irrespective of class of travel (FC, BC, EY)
  • The service is available to any e-ticket holder with confirmed booking
  • Party of 9 passengers or below in a booking
  • Malaysia Airlines staff with confirmed booking
  • No special service request (SSR) in the booking
  • No booking irregularity

            - Change booking itinerary

            - Passenger on standby ticket


3. Documentation required for Self Service Check-in

  • Passenger booking reference or E-Ticket number containing 13 digits (numbers)

4. Document required for travel

Domestic – for travel to Sabah and Sarawak must hold valid travel documents such as passport, Mykad, Mykid or Birth Certificate (for children below 12 years old)

International – MUST hold valid travel documents, passport with 6 mths validity and visa requirement (Please check with relevant embassy)


5.  Passenger does not have e-Ticket number and passenger booking reference

Direct passengers to check-in counter B1 and B2


6. Other Self Service Check-in options that are available for the passenger

MHweb check-in


7.  Self Service Check-in closure time





Self Check-in Kiosk at KLIA

48 hours

DOM & INT 60mins   

MHkiosk at XKL

DOM & INT 90mins

Web check-in

DOM & INT 90mins

MHmobile check-in

DOM & INT 90mins


8. Passenger is still queuing at the Kiosk when flight is closed - What to do next?

As per current practice, announcement will be made by check-in counter staff.

Direct passenger to Standby counter B17 and B18 for Domestic and C17 and C18 for International.


9.  What about unaccompanied minors and passengers require special handling assistance?

Direct passenger to the counter B15 and B16


10.  Feedback to be channeled to:

Customer may email their feedback to