Redeeming Enrich Miles

Redeeming Enrich Miles

What is an Upgrade Award?
An Upgrade Award is when you redeem Enrich Miles in order to upgrade from the class of service you paid for to the next higher class of service. You must first purchase a revenue ticket before you are allowed to redeem miles for an upgrade. You may redeem miles to upgrade from Business Class to First Class, and from Economy Class to Business Class. Two class upgrades are not allowed (i.e. from Economy Class to First Class).

What is a Companion Award?
A Companion Award allows you to redeem fewer miles than normally required for a Business or First Class Award for your companion travelling on the same itinerary as you. Before requesting for a Companion Award, you must first purchase a Business or First Class revenue seat.

Can my travel agent issue Award Tickets?
No, all Award reservations and ticketing must be done through Malaysia Airlines.

I have insufficient miles in my account to redeem for an Award Ticket. Can I buy miles to make up the difference?
Yes. With Enrich Express you may purchase up to 30% of the required miles needed for an Award.

Can I book an Award Ticket if I do not have the required number of miles in my account?
No, you must have sufficient miles in your account before any redemption booking can be done.

Can I redeem my Enrich miles for an Award for someone else?
Yes. As long as you have sufficient miles to redeem for an Award you can request for the Award to be in anyone’s name. Call or stop by any Malaysia Airlines ticketing office to make your reservation.

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