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Enjoy only the best rewards and exclusive benefits with our frequent flyer programme.

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What is Enrich?
Enrich is Malaysia Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme and it aims to recognise and reward frequent flyers with free travel and special benefits.

How do I join Enrich?
The easiest way to join is to sign up online. Membership is free and open to individuals above 2 years old.

How soon will my enrolment be processed?
You will receive your membership number within 24 hours if you enrol online. If you enrol using an Enrich membership enrolment form, your membership number and temporary membership card are attached to the enrolment form. You will be eligible to participate in Enrich activities as soon as you enrol to become a member.

Will I receive a membership number when I enrol online?
Yes, you will receive your membership number and a printable membership card by email within 24 hours. Your permanent plastic membership card will be mailed within 7 working days of successful enrolment.

Can I enrol as an Enrich member even if I do not live in Malaysia?
Yes, Enrich membership is open to individuals in all countries where such programmes are legal.

Is there an enrolment fee or annual fee for Enrich?
Membership is free. There is no enrolment fee or annual fee.

Can I have more than one Enrich account? One for business and one for personal use?
An individual may have only one Enrich account. A business or legal entity is not allowed to have an Enrich account.

Is there an expiry date for membership?
No, Enrich memberships do not expire. However, your Enrich account will be closed if no activity is registered in your account for 36 months.

Can I earn miles for flights taken before I enrolled as an Enrich member?
Members are only allowed to earn miles on flights flown after enrolling as an Enrich member. Flights taken before enrolment are not eligible to earn Enrich Miles, except for Malaysia Airlines flights taken within 60 days prior to enrolment.

How do I earn Enrich Miles?
You earn Enrich Miles each time you travel with Malaysia Airlines, oneworld® member airlines and Enrich partner airlines on a qualifying fare. Enrich Miles can also be earned when you use the products and services of Enrich partners in the following categories: hotel, car rental, credit/charge card, telecommunications, spa, shopping and lifestyle. See Earn Enrich Miles.

How many Enrich miles can I earn for my flight?   
It depends on the type of ticket you purchase, the class of service you travel, your Enrich tier status and the distance you fly.

How do I keep track of my Enrich Miles?
The best way is to log in at the Enrich site. You will be able to view your latest Enrich transactions, as well as your activities in the past six months. A monthly e-statement of account will be sent to you.

Can I earn miles by flying other airlines besides Malaysia Airlines?
Yes, you can. Enrich Miles can be earned when you travel on oneworld member airlines and Enrich partner airlines. To ensure you receive mileage credit for your travel, please quote your Enrich membership number when making your reservation and present your Enrich membership card when you check in with the partner airline.

If I purchase my Malaysia Airlines tickets from a travel agent, will I earn the same number of miles as those purchased from a Malaysia Airlines ticket office?
Yes, as long as the tickets purchased are eligible to earn Enrich Miles, it does not matter where you purchase the tickets from.

Can I earn miles for flights taken before I enrol as an Enrich member?
Members are only allowed to earn miles on flights flown after enrolling as an Enrich member. Flights taken before enrolment are not eligible to earn Enrich Miles, except for Malaysia Airlines flights within 60 days prior to enrolment.

Will I earn Enrich Miles when I fly on an Award Ticket?
No, you cannot earn miles when travelling on an Award Ticket.

How long does it take for Enrich Miles to appear in my account?
For miles earned on Malaysia Airlines, please allow up to 7 days; for miles earned with Enrich partners, please allow 4 – 6 weeks.

What should I do if miles are not credited to my account?
First, log in to the Enrich site, then fill out the relevant form under “Claim Missing Miles”. Be sure to retain your original travel documents (i.e. boarding passes and ticket stubs) and partner receipts (i.e. hotel receipts, copy of car rental agreement and other invoices/receipts/statements from other partners) as you will need this to complete the Missing Enrich Miles Claim Form.

How do I redeem my credit card points for Enrich Miles?
You need to contact the credit card company or bank directly and request for your points to be transferred to Enrich. They will inform you of the conversion rate at the time of the transfer. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the miles to appear in your account.

Can I transfer miles from my account to another account?
Yes, you can transfer Enrich Miles into another member’s account for a small fee. You can transfer as many miles as you like to other members; however, each individual member may only receive a maximum of 50,000 transferred miles per year.

What is an Upgrade Award?
An Upgrade Award is when you redeem Enrich Miles in order to upgrade from the class of service you paid for to the next higher class of service. You must first purchase a revenue ticket before you are allowed to redeem miles for an upgrade. You may redeem miles to upgrade from Business Class to First Class, and from Economy Class to Business Class. Two class upgrades are not allowed (i.e. from Economy Class to First Class).

What is a Companion Award?
A Companion Award allows you to redeem fewer miles than normally required for a Business or First Class Award for your companion travelling on the same itinerary as you. Before requesting for a Companion Award, you must first purchase a Business or First Class revenue seat.

Can my travel agent issue Award Tickets?
No, all Award reservations and ticketing must be done through Malaysia Airlines.

I have insufficient miles in my account to redeem for an Award Ticket. Can I buy miles to make up the difference?
Yes. With Enrich Express you may purchase up to 30% of the required miles needed for an Award.

Can I book an Award Ticket if I do not have the required number of miles in my account?
No, you must have sufficient miles in your account before any redemption booking can be done. Alternatively, you may opt for the Cash + Miles redemption online.

Can I redeem my Enrich miles for an Award for someone else?
Yes. As long as you have sufficient miles to redeem for an Award you can request for the Award to be in anyone’s name. Log in to the Enrich site, call or stop by any Malaysia Airlines ticketing office to make your reservation.

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How to redeem Enrich Miles

What is Cash + Miles?
Cash+Miles is a new service from Enrich that allows members to redeem flights to selected all destinations with as little as 1,000 Enrich Miles. Members can top up the difference by paying cash with their credit card.

What is Cash + Miles award redemption?
Cash + Miles redemption allows members to redeem with part cash and part Enrich Miles. Cash, in this term refers to payment by credit card.

Can I redeem at Call Center or any Malaysia Airlines ticket offices?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is only available online at

How do I redeem Cash + Miles award?
Members will need to log into their Enrich account at to complete the Cash + Miles redemption.

I do not have a password to access to my account Online?
Please log in to to request for a password. Please ensure your email address is updated in your Enrich profile as the password will be generated to a valid email address updated in the profile.

Is Cash + Miles award considered a purchased/revenue ticket?
No, Cash + Miles is an Award ticket. It is a full redemption.

Will the current Terms & Conditions for Online redemption apply for Cash + Miles award redemption?
Yes. The current Online redemption terms and conditions, the Enrich terms and condition are part of the terms and conditions available for Cash + Miles redemption.

Who is eligible to redeem this Cash + Miles award redemption?
Adults and children above 2 years of age. Infants are not eligible.

What are the minimum miles required for Cash + Miles award redemption?
1,000 minimum Enrich Miles are required to complete a Cash + Miles redemption transaction.

Can I choose the number of Enrich Miles I wish to redeem for Cash + Miles award ticket?
Yes but the minimum is 1,000 miles.

Will I earn Enrich Miles for the cash part paid for the redemption?
No, you will not earn Enrich Miles for the cash portion paid for the redemption.

Can I redeem on one-world or partner airlines?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is only applicable on Malaysia Airlines flights.

If I decide to cancel the Cash + Miles redemption ticket, will I get refund?
Redemption tickets are not refundable. However, the cash part is refundable and subject to refund charges.

Is the Cash + Miles redemption available for group travel of more than 10 passengers?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is not applicable for a group consisting of more than 10 passengers. Maximum number allowed is 9 passengers.

Do I have to pay for airport taxes, surcharges for Cash + Miles redemption?
Yes. You will be responsible for all airport taxes and any other charges, claims or liabilities arising in relation to the use of Cash plus Miles redemption tickets.

If I miss/cancel the flight redeemed at the last minute, can I re-book for another flight?
Yes, you are allowed to re-book to another flight. However, there is a NO-SHOW fee imposed for the flight cancelled/missed.

If I am unable to travel, can I transfer the redemption ticket to a family member?
No. Redemption ticket is not transferable.

What is the validity of a Cash + Miles redemption ticket?
6 months from date of travel.

If I am unable to travel and wish to extend my redemption ticket, is this allowed?
Yes. For a fee, redemption tickets can be extended to one year from original date of ticket issued.

If I travel within the 6 months validity, do I still have to pay when I change my date of travel?
Yes, for a fee.

If due to payment failure, I am unable to redeem Online for a Cash + Miles redemption, can I contact the Call Center or redeem at any Malaysia Airlines ticket offices?
No. Cash + Miles is strictly to be transacted Online. As the payment is subject to approval/authorization by the respective banks, you are requested to contact your bank for an unsuccessful transaction or attempt again with an alternative credit card.

If I change my destination and higher Enrich Miles are required but, I have insufficient Enrich Miles to redeem, can I pay for the additional miles required?
No. Cash + Miles redemption is ONLY allowed once. You must have sufficient miles to redeem if change in destination requires additional miles to be deducted.

Can I purchase Enrich Miles to top up to redeem a Cash + Miles redemption?
You must have 70% of the Enrich Miles required to redeem in your account to be able to purchase a maximum of 30% Enrich Miles.

Is there discount for children under Cash + Miles redemption?
No. Enrich Miles required for a Child Ticket redemption will be the same as for an Adult ticket.

What is multi-city? Can I redeem a multi-city redemption?
Multi-city refers to a stopover or open-jaw. No, multi-city redemption is not applicable for Cash + Miles award Online redemption.

Once a Cash + Miles award ticket is redeemed, can I change the number of Enrich Miles redeemed to cash instead to save my Enrich Miles?
No. Once redeemed , the Enrich Miles cannot be converted to cash.

Is Cash + Miles redemption for one-way and return itineraries only?

Will I still enjoy 15% Online discount or other promo offers with Cash + Miles award redemption?
Yes, you will still enjoy the applicable discounts made available for Online award redemption.

If I change my routing/date upon a Cash + Miles redemption, will I still enjoy the normal 15% Online discount?
No. Normal Enrich Miles will apply once a change in routing is involved. For other Online promos offered, if travel is within the applicable promo period, you can continue to enjoy the applicable discount offered.

Is the Cash + Miles refundable?
Yes, only the cash portion is refundable subject to a refund fee and amount will credited back to the credit card. The miles portion is NOT refundable and will be forfeited.

When must I submit the Cash + Miles award ticket for refund?
The Cash + Miles award ticket must be submitted for refund within 12 months from the original date of ticket issued.

If I submit Cash + Miles award ticket for refund after 12 months?
The ticket is considered null and void if submitted after 12 months from original date of ticket issued and no refund will be allowed in any form.

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For how long will my Enrich Miles remain valid?
Enrich Miles are valid for the year in which they are earned, plus an additional 3 years, and will expire at the end of the month of the third year. For example, Enrich Miles credited to an account on 18th January  2015 will expire on 31st January 2018.

When will I receive an account statement?
A monthly e-statement of account will be sent to members.  . You can check your account details by logging in here.

Can I extend the validity of my Enrich Miles?
Yes, Enrich Miles can be extended once for a year. Miles must be extended from October during the year in which they are set to expire, to July in the following year after the miles have expired. A fee will apply to extend the validity of your miles.

How do I know if my Enrich miles are going to expire?
You can keep track of your miles online by logging in to the Enrich website.

Can I change or update my personal details at Enrich Online?
You can update your address and other personal particulars online. However, you will need to contact the Enrich Customer Service Centre if you want to change the name on your account.

When will I receive my Enrich newsletter?
To preserve the environment for future generations, the Enrich newsletter, World of Riches, is only available in electronic (PDF) format. To read up on the latest offers, browse through World of Riches here.

It’s an exciting new world and you may want to learn more about the benefits and privileges you will enjoy with the oneworld® alliance. Here are some top questions:

About oneworld alliance
  1. What is oneworld?
    • oneworld is one of the world’s three largest global airline alliances. In fact, it is the world’s leading airline alliance for nine years running (2003 – 2011) in the World Travel Awards.
    • The oneworld alliance currently consists of 15 member airlines and 30 affiliates.
    • It offers more than 14,000 daily departures to almost 1,000 destinations across 150 countries as well as access to some 600 airport lounges.
oneworld member airlines

The latest members elect of the oneworld alliance are SriLankan Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Benefits and privileges
  1. What benefits will I receive now that Malaysia Airlines is a member of the oneworld alliance?
    • The oneworld alliance enables Malaysia Airlines to offer customers more services and value than any single airline can provide on its own. As an Enrich member, many of your exclusive benefits and preferential treatment can be enjoyed across all 15 airlines within this alliance:
      • Almost 1,000 destinations across 150 countries
      • Frequent flyer miles across 15 airlines, 30 affiliates
      • Some 600 airport lounges worldwide
  1. What benefits will I receive as an Enrich member?
    • As an Enrich member, you can now:
      • Earn and redeem Enrich Miles whenever you fly with oneworld member airlines
      • Earn Elite Miles on all oneworld flights for your tier status qualification
      • Redeem multi-carrier flights via oneworld member airlines
    • Those who are already Enrich Platinum, Gold and Silver members will automatically enjoy oneworld Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby status respectively. To help ensure our Enrich members receive the benefits that they are entitled to, our Enrich membership cards will carry the appropriate oneworld tier status:
oneworld tier status and its benefits and privileges
  1. How can I join oneworld?
    • There is no standalone oneworld frequent flyer programme or a “oneworld card”.
    • However, membership in any frequent flyer programme of a oneworld member airline will entitle you to your frequent flyer programme tier benefits across all oneworld airline networks.
    • If you are not part of the Enrich frequent flyer programme, you can sign up as a new member at Membership is free and you will be instantly rewarded with 1,000 Enrich Miles when you sign up online.
  1. I am an Enrich Platinum/Gold/Silver member. Do I have to do anything to enjoy oneworld benefits?
    • No, those who are already Enrich Platinum, Gold or Silver members will automatically enjoy oneworld Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby status respectively and be entitled to oneworld privileges.
  1. I am an Enrich Blue member. Do I receive oneworld privileges?
    • Enrich Blue members are not entitled to the oneworld top tier privileges.
    • As an Enrich Blue member, you can earn Enrich Miles and Elite Miles when you fly on Malaysia Airlines as well as on any oneworld member airline. Your Enrich Miles can be used to redeem flights on Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines. Elite Miles can be used to qualify or maintain Enrich Elite tier status.
Frequent Flyer Miles
  1. If I am an Enrich member and also a member of another oneworld frequent flyer programme, can I earn Miles on both programmes for a oneworld flight?
    • No, you can only earn Miles on ONE frequent flyer programme for a oneworld flight (you cannot do a duplicate earn on different cards that you may own).
  1. Can I combine or transfer Miles from one frequent flyer programme to another?
    • No, Miles cannot be combined or transferred between oneworld frequent flyer programmes.
  1. I purchased a flight ticket before Malaysia Airlines officially became a member of oneworld alliance on 1 February. The ticket is for a flight on/or after 1 February 2013 on Malaysia Airlines and/or a oneworld member airline. Will I be able to earn Enrich Miles for this flight?
    • Yes, you will be able to earn Enrich Miles if your flight date is on/after 1 February 2013, although the ticket was purchased before 1 February 2013.
  1. I booked/purchased my flight ticket from another oneworld member airline before 1 February 2013 and was able to enter my Enrich membership number online. My boarding pass also states my Enrich membership number. Does this mean that I am able to earn Enrich Miles?
    • Some frequent flyer programme features were launched earlier due to partner system configurations. However, actual oneworld frequent flyer programme Miles transactions and top tier recognition will only begin after 1 February 2013.

      Exception: Members of Malaysia Airlines Enrich and LAN’s LANPASS programmes will experience reciprocal frequent flyer rewards and benefits when flying on each other’s airlines from 1 April 2013.
Lounge access
  1. I am a frequent flyer programme member of another oneworld member airline and am eligible to enter the lounges of oneworld member airlines. Can I access Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge?
    • Yes you may, as long your frequent flyer programme has an agreement with Golden Lounge (as a third party lounge).
  1. I am an Enrich Platinum/Gold member holding a frequent flyer programme card that is eligible for Malaysia Airlines lounge access. Can I access the lounges of other oneworld airlines?
    • Yes, you can access other oneworld airline lounges when you travel on any oneworld flight.
  1. I am an Enrich Blue/Silver member. Can I enjoy oneworld lounge benefits?
    • No, you are encouraged to fly more on Malaysia Airlines to move up the tier status, as higher tiers will accord you with greater oneworld benefits which span across the entire oneworld alliance network.
  1. I am an Enrich Silver member and a subscriber to the Golden Lounge Privilege Programme (GLPP). Will I be able to enjoy oneworld lounge benefits?
    • No, the Golden Lounge Privilege Programme is only applicable for access to the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge.

For more information related to oneworld alliance, please visit

What are the Elite Tiers in Enrich?
Enrich has 4 tier levels: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Members qualify for Blue tier upon enrolment, and can earn Gold and Silver tier status by travelling on First, Business and Economy Class with Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines.  

How do I qualify for the new tier levels?
You can qualify for the new tier levels by either earning miles or sector credits from Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines.

What are Elite Miles?
Elite Miles are used to track an Enrich member’s qualification towards Enrich Silver and Enrich Gold status. Elite Miles can only be earned on First, Business and Economy Class qualifying fares of Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines. Elite Miles may not be used toward the redemption of Enrich Awards.

What are Elite Sectors?
Elite Sectors are used to track an Enrich member’s qualification towards Enrich Silver and Enrich Gold tier status. An Elite Sector is a flight from origin to destination which carries a single flight number. Elite Sectors can only be earned on Malaysia Airlines operated flights on Economy, Business and First Class. Elite Sectors may not be used for the redemption of Enrich Awards.

Do the miles I earn travelling on partner airlines count towards my Enrich Elite status?
No, only miles flown on Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines count towards Enrich Elite status.

Do miles I earn with non-airline partners count towards Elite status?
Only miles earned by flying  with Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines count towards Enrich Elite status.

Do bonus miles and promotional miles count towards Elite status?
No, only miles earned by flying with Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines count towards Enrich Elite status.

Do Tier Bonus Miles count towards Elite status?
No, Tier Bonus Miles do not count towards earning or retaining Elite status.

Do transferred or purchased Enrich Miles count towards Elite status?
No, only miles earned by flying with Malaysia Airlines and oneworld member airlines count towards Enrich Elite status.

How long do I have to qualify for Elite Silver, Gold or Platinum tier status?
For Elite Platinum, Gold and Silver tier status, you need to earn the qualifying number of miles or sectors from 1 January – 31 December, each year.

Once I become an Elite member, do I need to requalify for Elite status every year?
Yes, you will need to requalify for Elite tier status each year.

Do I need to earn the same number of miles or credits to re-qualify for my current Elite tier status?
The same number of miles or sectors is required to qualify and requalify for Elite Gold and Elite Silver. To requalify for Elite Platinum, you need to earn 100,000 Elite Miles or 130 Elite Sectors from 1 January – 31 December.

Do I earn bonus miles for being an Elite member?
Yes, Elite Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn Elite Tier Bonus when they travel First or Business Class with Malaysia Airlines.

As an Elite Silver member, do I receive free lounge access?
Free lounge access is not available to Elite Silver members. However, Elite Silver members can purchase lounge access through the Golden Lounge Privilege Programme. The cost is MYR1,900 per year and will give you unlimited entry to all Malaysia Airlines operated lounges worldwide.

Enrich Tiers Guidebook

1. What is the effective date for members to start earning and redeeming Temptations Inflight items?

Effective 15th April 2015, Enrich members will be able to earn miles for purchases on Temptations items and redeem their Enrich RM50 voucher for Temptations item on board and at Temptations Outlet at FMB, KLIA


2. If I want to purchase in-flight shopping, where can I get the items if I don’t fly?
Members may redeem their vouchers at the Temptations Outlet located at FMB, KLIA.


3. What can I do with my Enrich RM50 vouchers if I don’t purchase with Temptations?
Enrich RM50 vouchers can also be used for payment for excess baggage on Malaysia Airlines flights and for adhoc dining and shopping promotions as may be announced by Enrich from time to time.


4. If I have just redeemed the EnrichRM50 vouchers for Temptations in March 2015, can I still use my vouchers to purchase Temptations items? 
Yes, RM50 vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issuance. Therefore you may redeem Temptations items after 15th April 2015 and before your voucher expires.

5. If I purchase Temptations in-flight product by cash or credit card on 15th April 2015, will I receive Enrich Miles too?
Yes, Enrich Miles will be rewarded for Temptations’ products effective 15th April and miles will be credited within 6-8 weeks. To celebrate Temptations as Enrich partner, Enrich members will earn 2x Enrich Miles for every USD1 spent inflight from 15 April to 14 May 2015.

6. Will I be able to redeem Temptations items through Enrich E Shop?
 No. The Enrich E Shop option is currently not available. Items can be purchased either on board flights where inflight service is available or at the Temptations Outlet at KLIA.

7. Will CIMB-Enrich Mastercard World, Platinum or Gold co brand credit card members be able to enjoy the 10% discount for purchases on Temptations?
No. There will be no 10% discount for purchases on Temptations using CIMB-Enrich Mastercard World, Platinum or Gold.


8.  Will I earn miles if I purchase in-flight items on board?

Yes, for every USD1 spent on Temptations products, an Enrich member will receive 7 Enrich miles


9.   How do I contact Temptations Office for any enquiries?

You may contact Temptations via 603-8777 5594, and email to  

                                    Inflight Sales Group         

                                    1st Floor, Flight Management Building

                                    KL International Airport

                                    64000 SepanSelangor

                                    (Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)                                     


10. What is the maximum number of Enrich RM50 vouchers can I use to redeem?

Each member will only be allowed to utilize 10 vouchers per transaction.


Notes: All fees and charged listed are exclusive of GST. Wherever applicable, GST may be charged to the Enrich Member


On 31 Mar 2014, the GRADS programme will end as we focus on upgrading our Enrich programme to cover all customer segments, including students.

Existing GRADS members will continue to enjoy GRADS privileges until 31 Dec 2014. They will also be automatically enrolled as Enrich Blue members, entitling them to discounts and rewards when redeeming Enrich Miles for flights.


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we have compiled for your reference.

Should you have any further questions on the GRADS programme, please contact us at 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or +603 7863 3000 (outside Malaysia).

What is the GRADS program?
GRADS is a program that offers traveling students special discounts and benefits from Malaysia Airlines and participating partners.

Why are we switching the GRADS programme to Enrich?
Malaysia Airlines is planning to upgrade Enrich benefits so they cover all segments of our customers, including students. Therefore, a single loyalty card is an ideal option.

When is the last date for me to apply for GRADS membership?
In-flight shopping will only be available on flights that have inflight sales.

My GRADS card will expire on 30 Nov 2014. Do I still get to enjoy GRADS privileges and benefits?
Yes, you will still enjoy GRADS privileges until 30 Nov 2014.

I sent in my GRADS application by mail last week. What will happen to it?
As long as your date of application is on or before 31 Mar 2014, your application will be accepted and processed accordingly.

Once my GRADS card expires this February, can I still apply for renewal?
Yes, you can still apply for a renewal on or before 31 Mar 2014, but your new card will expire on 31 Dec 2014.

Will another programme replace GRADS?
No. However all GRADS members will continue as an Enrich members and will enjoy Enrich benefits.

Will I need to apply for a new Enrich card?
No. Your Enrich card will be sent to you after you are automatically enrolled.

Do I need to return my GRADS card?

I just paid a renewal fee for GRADS. Can I get a refund?
No, all fees paid for GRADS membership are non-refundable.

What will happen to my Enrich card when the GRADS programme ends?
All GRADS members will remain as Enrich members and enjoy Enrich benefits. Enrich number will be the same as your GRADS membership number.

What GRADS benefits will I still enjoy before the expiry of GRADS programme?
Below is a list of GRADS benefits with the respective expiry dates:

The benefits valid till 30 Jun 2014

  • Discounted KL Hop-On Hop-Off coach service tickets
  • Discounted airport coach tickets

The benefits valid till 31 Dec 2014

  • 10kg excess baggage allowance
  • Discounted CIMB Bureau de Change buying and selling rates
  • 15% discount on Malaysia Airlines domestic flights, including MASwings
  • 10% discount on Malaysia Airlines and MASwings domestic flights for parents of students attending induction/graduation ceremonies in Malaysian universities