Museum town, resplendent jungles and culinary heaven

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state situated on the island of Borneo. Greenery still triumphs in this city, flanking emerald on areas of development. Home to the annual Rainforest World Music Festival, tens of thousands revellers from all over the world flock into the verdant jungles of its Cultural Village to witness this spectacular event, showcasing international performers.

A unique way to experience the Kuching way of life is upon the Sarawak River, on-board a sampan where Malay villages spot its shorelines. In the horizon lies 19th century Chinese shophouses, the Margherita Fort, colonial buildings and a host of museums; ideal for exploration on foot when you disembark.

The name Kuching is said to have originated from many sources – some say it is a derivative from the Malay word for cat, some claim that it is from the Chinese word for harbour while others claim that the name comes from a lychee-like fruit, Mata Kuching.