Media Statement & Information on Flight MH370 | 有关MH370航班的媒体声明及信息

Thursday, July 30, 08:45 AM GMT +0800 Media Statement

Released at 8.41am/ 30 July 2015

With regards to the reports of the discovery of an aircraft flaperon at Reunion Island, Malaysia Airlines is working with the relevant authorities to confirm the matter. At the moment, it would be too premature for the airline to speculate the origin of the flaperon.

Friday, May 22, 12:45 PM GMT +0800 Media Statement

Released at 12.45 p.m./22 May 2015

Malaysia Airlines refers to reports of a staged protest by family members on the withdrawal of the Malaysian and Chinese governments and Malaysia Airlines in the operations of MH370’s Family Communication and Support Centres in China.
The airline wishes to reiterate its commitment to assist those affected via several alternative avenues that have been established and that the reopening of the centres will not be necessary.
As has been communicated to the family members, Malaysia Airlines will continue to provide information and maintain communication through dedicated hotline numbers and email address for the NOKs to enquire on general and compensation matters.
In addition, Malaysia Airlines has reached out to family members in Beijing through a face-to-face engagement on 15 May 2015.
Regular updates will continue to be available on the official website of MH370 via the URL

Contact Information | 联系方式

Family Support Centre | 家属支持中心
(Toll-free number) |(免费电话)

South China | 中国华南区

North China | 中国华北区

Malaysia | 马来西亚

Indonesia | 印度尼西亚

Australia | 澳大利亚

US/Canada | 美国/加拿大

New Zealand | 新西兰

India | 印度

France | 法国


Family members may also get in touch with the centre at | 家属也联系以下号码

+603 8777 5770

Press/Media Contact | 新闻/媒体联络

Malaysia | 马来西亚:
+603 8787 1276 
+603 8777 5698

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