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Media Statement from Group CEO

We refer to a local print media report today stating that the investigation of the technical glitch involving Malaysia Airlines flight MH002/16 April 2012 ‘should not rule out sabotage as a likely cause’.

As investigations are ongoing, Malaysia Airlines will not comment on such views.

I also request all parties to exercise caution and refrain from using speculative opinions to comment on such incidents as it interferes with investigation processes and causes unnecessary alarm amongst the various stakeholders.  

We wish to emphasize that safety is a core value in Malaysia Airlines and the focus is always on ensuring safe operations in all aspects of the business.

This is significant as the commercial aviation industry is highly regulated and airlines must always comply to the stringent safety requirements of such authorities in order to operate flights.

At Malaysia Airlines, we operate an average of 280 flights daily, using 89 aircraft. We also strive to ensure safe as well as on-time departures and landings.

Nevertheless, like other operators, it is possible that on some occasions the flight operations are challenged by factors like technical glitches, flight diversions due to bad weather, airport congestions and maintenance defects.

Malaysia Airlines has an excellent team with expertise in all aspects of flight operations to manage such situations in the best interest of customers.

The national carrier’s employees are professionals with core safety values ingrained and retrained throughout their career in the company.

It is through this strength that Malaysia Airlines stands out in operational excellence like on time performance, safe flight operations and swift service recovery measures to minimize customer inconvenience during the rare occasions of flight disruptions.

In the event of technical incidents that could potentially impact the safety of flight operations, Malaysia Airlines works together with the relevant authorities to investigate and establish the causes and also initiate the recommended remedial actions.

We are determined and always committed to our safe flight operations processes at all times.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya
Group CEO

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