Where Japan first met the world

Take a trip to Osaka, a place that's a confluence of sea routes since ancient times. It's a city that offers you plenty to do and see. Visit the Mitami, Sumiyoshi-taisha and Shitenno-ji temples and gain an insight into Japanese religious culture. A trip to Osaka Castle is well worth it as it has a fabulous museum for you to explore. The best time to go is during the cherry blossom season, when the entire place is picture perfect. Another way to see everything is via the city's waterways, for a unique perspective of the city.

Osaka is also famous for its delicacies, so do sample the octopus dumpling, also known as the ‘takoyaki’. Blowfish dishes like ‘tecchiri’ and ‘tessa’ are worth a try. For fans of Japanese brands, there are two places you must visit – Horie and Umeda.