Old-world charm at the ‘Gate of China’

Discover the most attractive city in the Fujian province with a host of colonial buildings and a lively waterfront district. You'll be spoilt for choice with so many islands, mountains, temples and parks to see during your visit. One of the most interesting attractions is Gulangyu Island. Here, food, arts and culture can be found at every corner. Make a stop at the Nanputuo Temple and climb the mountain behind it for breathtaking views of Xiamen.

Another top attraction is the track for the Xiamen International Marathon at Islet Ring Road. Lovers of designer goods can flock to Zhongshan Road where you can find plenty of stores and outlets selling everything at reduced prices. For a different shopping experience, visit the many small markets, bazaars and flea markets that dot the city. Who knows, you could even find a rare curio there. The local fruits are a must-try – longans, peaches and Chinese flowering quinces are yummy and healthy.