Go further with multi-city

Now that you have started, why not go further? With a 'Multi-city' itinerary, you can arrive at a different city but return from another, with a few more stops in-between, if you like. You can split up a long haul or hop around a region, instead of rushing your way through airports for the next connecting flight.

Also known as "open jaw", you can book up to five air segments with the option. For example, fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, take your time to explore and experience the wonders down under and then fly from Brisbane to London via Kuala Lumpur, return from Amsterdam, take a few days break and then make a new journey to Tokyo and return home from Seoul. All in a single booking!

You can make multi-city bookings for any Malaysia Airlines operated flights, MASwings flights and selected code share destinations, marketed by Malaysia Airlines.