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Keeping you entertained in the skies

The Select In-flight Entertainment system offers a world of high quality, highly engaging entertainment onboard. From the latest blockbusters to popular TV shows, to multi-player games and critically acclaimed album releases, enjoy your MH Experience with a specially curated selection designed to delight your senses.

Entertainment systems available onboard

  • Audio Video on Demand (AVOD): A380, A330-300, B777-200, B737-800
  • Overhead screens: B737-800
  • Portable Player: B737-800 Business Class Only

Movies, TV shows, music albums, radio playlists and games - check out our comprehensive guide to this month’s entertainment highlights.

Please note that guests may experience different types of in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines, if installed or available, while some flights may be operated by aircraft with no IFE facility. The type of IFE programs offered will be dependent on the aircraft type, routes and availability, and are subject to schedule and operational changes without prior notice.

Malaysia Airlines reserve the right to substitute an alternative Carrier and/or aircraft where availability of IFE may be on selected aircraft only.

What’s showing now

Movies featured may not be available on all aircraft/routes. The selection above is subject to operational change.