Redeeming Enrich Miles

Redeeming Cash + Miles

What is Cash + Miles?
Cash+Miles is a new service from Enrich that allows members to redeem flights to selected all destinations with as little as 1,000 Enrich Miles. Members can top up the difference by paying cash with their credit card.

What is Cash + Miles award redemption?
Cash + Miles redemption allows members to redeem with part cash and part Enrich Miles. Cash, in this term refers to payment by credit card.

Can I redeem at Call Center or any Malaysia Airlines ticket offices?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is only available online at

How do I redeem Cash + Miles award?
Members will need to log into their Enrich account at to complete the Cash + Miles redemption.

I do not have a password to access to my account Online?
Please log in to to request for a password. Please ensure your email address is updated in your Enrich profile as the password will be generated to a valid email address updated in the profile.

Is Cash + Miles award considered a purchased/revenue ticket?
No, Cash + Miles is an Award ticket. It is a full redemption.

Will the current Terms & Conditions for Online redemption apply for Cash + Miles award redemption?
Yes. The current Online redemption terms and conditions, the Enrich terms and condition are part of the terms and conditions available for Cash + Miles redemption.

Who is eligible to redeem this Cash + Miles award redemption?
Adults and children above 2 years of age. Infants are not eligible.

What are the minimum miles required for Cash + Miles award redemption?
1,000 minimum Enrich Miles are required to complete a Cash + Miles redemption transaction.

Can I choose the number of Enrich Miles I wish to redeem for Cash + Miles award ticket?
Yes but the minimum is 1,000 miles.

Will I earn Enrich Miles for the cash part paid for the redemption?
No, you will not earn Enrich Miles for the cash portion paid for the redemption.

Can I redeem on one-world or partner airlines?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is only applicable on Malaysia Airlines flights.

If I decide to cancel the Cash + Miles redemption ticket, will I get refund?
Redemption tickets are not refundable. However, the cash part is refundable and subject to refund charges.

Is the Cash + Miles redemption available for group travel of more than 10 passengers?
No, Cash + Miles redemption is not applicable for a group consisting of more than 10 passengers. Maximum number allowed is 9 passengers.

Do I have to pay for airport taxes, surcharges for Cash + Miles redemption?
Yes. You will be responsible for all airport taxes and any other charges, claims or liabilities arising in relation to the use of Cash plus Miles redemption tickets.

If I miss/cancel the flight redeemed at the last minute, can I re-book for another flight?
Yes, you are allowed to re-book to another flight. However, there is a NO-SHOW fee imposed for the flight cancelled/missed.

If I am unable to travel, can I transfer the redemption ticket to a family member?
No. Redemption ticket is not transferable.

What is the validity of a Cash + Miles redemption ticket?
6 months from date of travel.

If I am unable to travel and wish to extend my redemption ticket, is this allowed?
Yes. For a fee, redemption tickets can be extended to one year from original date of ticket issued.

If I travel within the 6 months validity, do I still have to pay when I change my date of travel?
Yes, for a fee.

If due to payment failure, I am unable to redeem Online for a Cash + Miles redemption, can I contact the Call Center or redeem at any Malaysia Airlines ticket offices?
No. Cash + Miles is strictly to be transacted Online. As the payment is subject to approval/authorization by the respective banks, you are requested to contact your bank for an unsuccessful transaction or attempt again with an alternative credit card.

If I change my destination and higher Enrich Miles are required but, I have insufficient Enrich Miles to redeem, can I pay for the additional miles required?
No. Cash + Miles redemption is ONLY allowed once. You must have sufficient miles to redeem if change in destination requires additional miles to be deducted.

Can I purchase Enrich Miles to top up to redeem a Cash + Miles redemption?
You must have 70% of the Enrich Miles required to redeem in your account to be able to purchase a maximum of 30% Enrich Miles.

Is there discount for children under Cash + Miles redemption?
No. Enrich Miles required for a Child Ticket redemption will be the same as for an Adult ticket.

What is multi-city? Can I redeem a multi-city redemption?
Multi-city refers to a stopover or open-jaw. No, multi-city redemption is not applicable for Cash + Miles award Online redemption.

Once a Cash + Miles award ticket is redeemed, can I change the number of Enrich Miles redeemed to cash instead to save my Enrich Miles?
No. Once redeemed , the Enrich Miles cannot be converted to cash.

Is Cash + Miles redemption for one-way and return itineraries only?

Will I still enjoy 15% Online discount or other promo offers with Cash + Miles award redemption?
Yes, you will still enjoy the applicable discounts made available for Online award redemption.

If I change my routing/date upon a Cash + Miles redemption, will I still enjoy the normal 15% Online discount?
No. Normal Enrich Miles will apply once a change in routing is involved. For other Online promos offered, if travel is within the applicable promo period, you can continue to enjoy the applicable discount offered.

Is the Cash + Miles refundable?
Yes, only the cash portion is refundable subject to a refund fee and amount will credited back to the credit card. The miles portion is NOT refundable and will be forfeited.

When must I submit the Cash + Miles award ticket for refund?
The Cash + Miles award ticket must be submitted for refund within 12 months from the original date of ticket issued.

If I submit Cash + Miles award ticket for refund after 12 months?
The ticket is considered null and void if submitted after 12 months from original date of ticket issued and no refund will be allowed in any form.

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