Malaysia Airlines Academy About


At Malaysia Airlines, the belief is that the total sum of an airline equals more than just its fleet. At its very heart is the people and their commitment to upholding the golden reputation of Malaysia Airlines. 

The shaping force behind our people is the Malaysia Airlines Academy (MAA), the starting point of every person's career in Malaysia Airlines. MAA sets the standard that builds Malaysia Airlines' world standing.

The Malaysia Airlines Academy was set up in October 1994 as the Human Resources Development Division of Malaysia Airlines. It was established due to the need to centralise training and provide integrated services that would meet the growing demands and importance of training.

Malaysia Airlines Academy offers quality education and training that is respected and recognised. Today, the Academy also extends its expertise and facilities to other international airlines and local companies.

The Academy is approved as a training provider by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC), the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism (MOCAT) and the Ministry of Human Resources under its "Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan (MLVK)" unit.


In keeping with Malaysia Airlines’ tradition of offering only the best, the Malaysia Airlines Academy follows this axiom in all aspects of its operations. By emphasising total solutions, we have adopted a holistic approach in producing well-rounded individuals who are professional, experienced and committed in the customer service-oriented field.


To be the World Class Learning Centre.


To be the Centre of Excellence in providing learning and development in a conducive environment by 2014.