Medical Clearance

Who needs medical clearance and how do I obtain it?

Medical clearance is required to assess an individual's fitness to fly. Passengers requiring medical clearance are those who may:

  • be suffering from acute or chronic diseases that need supplemental oxygen or medical equipment on board aircraft
  • be flying after an illness or operation and may aggravate their condition due to the flight environment
  • be travelling with their own medical equipment such as ventilators, infusion pumps and suction apparatus
  • be considered a potential hazard to the safety of the aircraft, other passengers or crew members

Malaysia Airlines reserves the right to refuse to carry passengers with conditions where adverse effects or hazard may result during the flight. When a cabin crew suspects that a passenger may be ill, the Commander of the aircraft will be informed and a decision will be taken on whether the passenger is fit to travel.

If medical clearance is required, the MEDIF application form (PDF) should be completed by your attending doctor and submitted to Malaysia Airlines through our ticketing offices or travel agents at least five working days before the intended date of travel.