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Malaysia Airlines Group CEO Salutes Team Dealing with Aircraft Crisis

Wednesday, 18 April 2012, Subang – Following the technical incident involving Malaysia Airlines flight MH002 of 16 April 2012 departing KL International Airport (KLIA) for London which resulted in a turn-back and subsequent delay in departure till the next day, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive has come out in praise for the airline’s team for the careful handling of the situation.

“It was comforting to know through the various reports that our Malaysia Airlines team, from the crew that operated the flight to the ground personnel as well as the other agencies at KL International Airport, worked in clockwork precision to ensure that the safety, emotional well- being and comfort of the passengers affected by the incident up till the flight departed again at 10.34 am yesterday, 17 April 2012”, said Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive Officer.

According to Ahmad Jauhari, the concerted response is the success of consistent quality training that has been inculcated in various responsibilities of the Malaysia Airlines’ workforce. “This is something that the Company has always invested in for its team so that they showcase the best professionalism at all times, not only in products and services but more so during unplanned disruptions, emergencies and crisis situations.”

“The Management team and I salute our operating crew of MH002 as heroes for their diligence during these testing moments. They discharged their duties efficiently and were reassuring to our passengers after the decision was made to abort the journey to London. They activated all necessary procedures, both operational and to provide emotional comfort, during the critical duration when the flight had to return to KLIA. These are natural traits of our team to treat all customers as our guests”, added Ahmad Jauhari.

Malaysia Airlines and the engine manufacturer have launched a full investigation into the technical incident which affected one of the engines on the B747-400 aircraft.

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