Turkey’s byzantine glory

Istanbul's geographical uniqueness is what makes it special, as it's the only city in the world bridging two continents, Asia and Europe. Start at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul's most popular attraction and one of the greatest Byzantine buildings in the world that was built in the 6th century. Then view the Blue Mosque, constructed to rival the Hagia Sophia. Take a step back into history at the Topkapi Palace Museum. Gain some insight into Islamic Art at the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, housed in the most stunning private residence built in the Ottoman Empire.

Visit the Sunken Palace cave, which was the set for the Bond movie From Russia with Love. Worthy highlights in this beautiful city include the Galata Tower, Dolmace Palace and Istanbul Dolphinarium. Pack your bags with souvenirs from the Grand Bazaar, the biggest and oldest in the world – a labyrinth of 65 streets.