German combo of medieval and contemporary culture

The best place to start for tourists is in Romerberg, home to Charlemagne in the medieval times. Also visit the reconstructed buildings, including the home of Goethe, Germany's foremost author. For history aficionados, some of the greatest treats include the 1541 Well of Justice fountain in Romweberg Square, the 15th century Eschenheimer Turm tower and the Historical Museum.

Cultural aficionados will find the Renoir laden Städel Gallery and the Museum of Sculpture, which houses works from ancient Greece and Rome, much to their delight. Visit the German Film Museum to watch one of the classics from its massive collection.

Shopping is fantastic at the Zeil, Goethestrasse, Schweizer Strasse and Apfelwein while gastronomic adventurers will meet their match in Nordend. In the evening, meander through the vast plant kingdom found in Frankfurt's Botanical Gardens. The Wiesbaden spa in the valley about an hour away is the best place to relax. At night, drop by the Cocoon, one of the best clubs in the world.